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  1. Yup, fair play. I was one of the guilty ones, weather watched and took the view on Fri that the +10hr drive down from Jockland when weather window was not looking the best wouldn't pay off...did fully intended to ping you but life interfered....soz. I shall remove my RSVP for Sep until a few days before.
  2. Yes....and if you snag a wee hook (I found mine laying on the floor in a Dobbies) or fashion your own from wire you can hook the funnel onto the cage spar and it leaves you both hands free to pour the petrol....
  3. Hiya, Have a look at the previous PMC fly ins..... and if you havnt already get a PMC VIP membership only £30 a year and that gets you free access to the events....subject to insurance and experience T&C's If you join the BHPA they have a monthly mag called (SkyWings) http://www.bhpa.co.uk/sport/bhpa/skywings/ that they post out as part of the membership and Cross Country mag https://xcmag.com/joining-forces/ also flybubble and some other paraglider/motor stores have monthly E-magazines they email out to customers....I get over to Enniskillen a couple of times a year....I took my flying gear over the last trip and the forecast was a blow out...
  4. I put it down to sheer bloody mindedness....make pain your friend....and getting back on a mountain bike 6 weeks after escaping hospital...yeah it hurt like F**k....actually today I did a personal best 12mile ave at 15mph...oh RUM helped a lot....lol....I might have glimpsed death and luckily just saw his good side...
  5. Update:.....Almost 6 months to the very day 21st January Weather finally settled and allowed a nice forward launch...simple text book into a 4mph head wind....then a steady toodle about for an hour...ending with a feather soft glide and two feet plopping back onto the field....happy days are back with us....now I can once again gaze mournfully out a drizzle smeared window at the high winds and ponder....'maybe one day soon'.... https://1drv.ms/i/s!Akj9TLa8NpATsDHZ43iT4tUcvObx
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    Paramotoring boots

    For me the Hanwag Super Fly GTX...I personally tested them with a serious impact when PPGing. They recon I hit the ground at around 45mph the right foot took the initial impact, subsequent conversations with doctors they recon the boot saved the right foot from shattering injuries. The paramedics promised me they were only cutting the laces (they in fact cut both boots pretty much in half!!) I wasnt in a position to argue as bottom to top I ended up with only black and blue foot from toe to ankle strained Achilles & Crucial ligaments, but from there up mashed right thigh & glut muscles, smashed pelvis, distended vertebrae L4-L5, open fracture to right arm, dislocated right shoulder and a split head. If Hanwag ever do flying suits I'm in one. They were just getting nicely broken in, 2 year old and still pretty, will be buying a new pair this summer. Other brands are available but I wont be offering to test those thanks very much.
  7. For those who read: Update: Tomorrow (Saturday) will be 12 weeks to the day...now known as 'Impact Day'...according to my physio and last consultant feedback recovery has been pretty amazing...now totally mobile without any crutches, walking the legs off my dog and back on the mountain bike 15 miles x 3 times a week (pain wont let me do anymore) and now maintaining a 1min per mile speed over the 12 miles...the hills hurt (they always did) one small operation due to remove the elbow metal. The vertebrae L4-L5 are being the most troublesome and weak spot...and will be a life long injury those cold damp morning in my 65+ years are going to be a joy!!!...working with physio to strengthen core muscles and all those little back muscles around the spine for support...who knew my old Jane Fonda workout video (only available on Betamax) would come in handy again!!!...this year will be ground work and some gentle PG flights....next year hope to load the PPG back on the back...I may be a reverse launch only or even a trike flyer...hmmmm wonder if roller blades would help??...we shall see... My physio, Orthopedic Consultant and in hindsight me would recommend wearing addition lower back support/protection when flying...prevention is better than cure...trust me... Happy and safe landings folks...
  8. Update tomorrow will be 12 weeks to the day...now known as 'Impact Day'...according to my physio and last consultant feedback recovery has been pretty amazing...now totally mobile without any crutches back on the mountain bike 15 miles x 3 times a week (pain wont let me do anymore) and now maintaining a 1min per mile speed over the 12 miles...the hills hurt (they always did) one small operation to remove the elbow metal. The vertebrae L4-L5 are being the most troublesome and weak spot...working with physio to strengthen core muscles and all those little back muscles around the spine for support...who knew my old Jane Fonda workout video (only available on Betamax) would come in handy again!!!...this year will be ground work and some gentle PG flights....next year hope to load the PPG back on the back....Happy and safe flights chaps...
  9. Just a quick update to all who may have a passing care.... Recovery all going well 'ahead of the curve' mostly walking without crutches for everything other than long walks, back on the mountain bike doing 30-50 miles a week to build up wasted muscles...plan to do ground handling and some PG ridge soaring this year hopefully get back to PPG next year...driving again now so hopefully new job in June/July. The right shoulder dislocation and the distended vertebrae injuries will keep me PPG grounded this year....
  10. kiwi K....Oh sorry but that 'danger Death' sign not mine....blame Simon W for the editorial licence to amend, add and generally vajazzil a post...and yer wife is right, at 53 act your age!!!...take up indoor bowls and art 'n' crafts....like me another 53 year old....lol
  11. Patrick1....well I have always said I would hate to either drown or burn to death.....so I predicted that I would have a fuel tank explode in the air and plummet to the ground in agony to then land in a loch...this got close...I got to 53 having never broken a bone...what a catch up....the biggest terror was letting the wife know....eeek!!!...Her exact words to the team as I lay in the critical care unit on arrival was...."please get him home quick cos I'm gonna kill him"....lol
  12. Hi all...thanks for the kind words and best wishes....will update when past this clinical assessment coming on the 20th...today's improvement is I can now get both socks on without mechanical aids....gritted teeth and a new yoga move I call the buckled leg...sorted. Happy landings.. Rik
  13. Well as the UK season 'proper' may soon be approaching thought I would post my recent adventure. Hopefully as a warning and a 'tell and let others learn' exercise. Apologies for the poor grammar and no doubt wandering tale...it's my stile and underscored with latnight pain meds. Saturday 21st January. Perfect flying day clear skies, wind speed steady 2-3mph southerly and the sun is out. First flight 70min cross country launch from local field 5 min drive from house. Great flight and land about noon meet up with flying buddy we re-launch about 1ish another 60min cross country last 10 min bit of tree kicking. I'm on a Zenith with Moster 185 hanging under a Roadster II 26. With 150+ hours on Paramotor and CP licence on Paragliding since 2013. We are above our local open scrub land so as usual before landing we finish with 10 min of low level 10-20 foot of slaloming around trees and bushes. So as I head towards tree line think ohh better get some more height to clear, about to turn left to circle out to fly over and set up approach for landing into our usual field. I notice my wing buddy to my left so change my turn to the right I've got plenty of time and space...I then see a break in the tree line to my right so think I will abort full turn and just head thru there...plenty of space open fields beyond. I thought I knew this area like the back of my hand as I turn into the gap i'm heading into low sun glare now 30-40 foot as I come out the sun glare there right at face level is the dreaded 3 phase 11,000 volt string of death in a millisecond it all becomes instinct I full throttle in an attempt to clear within a half second I know that's not going to happen so I keep full throttle and pull full right wingtip steering. I swear on my life as time slows to a standstill as I am now turning hard almost fully horizontal I need to open my legs wide as I hit the apex of the turn with both legs wide open my left leg now above the lines right leg below, I full expect my harness seat and arse to be making contact with the outer line and hope to just kiss and avoid shorting over two lines...don't make contact and think Ive gotten away with that. Now clear I try to correct with left steering but within a second Ive pretty much spun and maybe pendulumed into the ground....of all the acres of scrub and heather around I manage to hit the only 1 meter wide strip of solid tarmac footpath for miles around. I hit the ground hard and I grey out but don't black out, unfortunately!!!....I've hit my right side very hard spun over cartwheel style a couple of times now laying in a heap in a half seated position, 10 meters from my impact point trying to hold myself up out of a drainage ditch...I hear myself screaming...It doesn't sound like me. My wing buddy lands a short distance away and rushes over I blurt out 'AMBULANCE'. 15 mins pass I have my buddy help me out my harness the engine is still running, prop has gone obviously, so has throttle handle and cable ripped out of my right hand and disintegrated on impact, he needs to pull the spark plug to kill the engine....some dog walkers and mountain bikers turn up offering assistance...we hear the ambulance come and go circuling the area trying to find a way into the field. I'm going into shock. Time drags my adrenaline level wains the pain rises. I'm shouting at the dog walkers and cyclists to walk out to the road to guide in the ambulance. We then hear the whump, whump, whump of the air ambulance coming in. It lands only 15 meters from me...luckily my wing buddy has the foresite to role his wing up and now instructs bystanders to do same with mine or we could have had a messy wing round helicopter prop incident. The paramedics jump out and after a quick chat cut me out of my flying suit and several layers of thermal clothing. I'm now laying ball naked in a field with a thin red blanket for modesty. Injuries = 2 inch cut above right eye deep and bleeding. Dislocated right shoulder. Broken right arm with open fracture and 1 inch of bone sticking out thru flying suit at elbow. Busted pelvis will turn out to have 10 individual fracture known as an 'open book' fracture. A load of soft tissue damage to right leg. It turns out that they don't carry a doctor on the air ambulance it's just for evacuation the doctor is normally on the ground, we wait for road ambulance guys to foot walk into area...by the time they get here I've gone into shock and a touch of hypothermia. They try all veins but can't get a line in for morphine...I only get gas & air they re set my shoulder there on the field 'to make me more comfortable' then proceed to straighten me out and lift me onto a split stretcher screaming all the way onto the helicopter. 50 min from initial impact to lift off en route to hospital. I get right arm set wired and pinned surgery the next day but have to wait a week for the consultant to return from holiday before I get the pelvic surgery. Yes they could have brought another consultant in but due to the nature of my injuries was advised to wait for the pelvic specialist. 18 days in hospital fought to get home so lied about my pain level and kept a frozen smile thru all the zimmer frame and stair climbing crutch work classes now on 90% horizontal bed/sofa rest. I've now managed to get vertical and mobile on two elbow crutches but with max 20% weight baring on right leg...there is a lot of mechano and some scary big screws now holding my pelvis together. Now thru the worst of it and can independently shower, dress , boil an egg and load box sets into the bluray. I'm ahead of the recovery curve apparently, more will be known regards long term prognosis after my clinical review on the 20th March I then get my physio plan. They say I will be off the crutches in 6 months...if bones have healed as expected then I will push to do it in 4 months...luckily I was very fit for a 53 year old so that has helped i've pulled myself off all the big pain meds and just work with Parcetamol daytime but yes Tramadol for quiet nighttime hours. Lessons to be learned and advise in hindsight? Be born lucky. They recon I hit concrete at 30-40 mph and consultant is amazed I didn't just snap my spine or have some internal organ damage given the impact damage to pelvis and evident down my right side. The Zenith construction saved my life as I cartwheeled over the outer frame and arms took the load. Full face chin helmet saved my life, yes cut above eye from frame of glasses but they had plastic lenses 'safety glasses' lens designed to pop out on impact. Hanwag boots saved me from a shattered right foot...spend money on proper boots. Always fly low level with not just wingtip in your hands but brake handles as well, if I could have come off the wingtip steering and instantly had breaks available I might have recovered better and flared into a hard landing, yes maybe still have busted something but not shattered things. Complacancy hurts that lazy nip thru the break in the tree line nearly killed me. Low sun glare is a shit. Get injury insurance...I was made redundant at end of Dec new job was due to start in Feb so I crashed outwith any employment contract (check your employment contract some employers exclude injuries sustained if incurred doing 'hobbies' don't assume boss will pay you) the £73 & 10p benefit I get a week ain't covering much. Fly with a wing buddy, yes dog walkers and cyclists turned up but many a time i've flown solo over wilderness cross country...yes I had my mobile handy in an easy reach pocket but could I rely on getting a signal. We enjoy an exciting and sometimes dangerous sport and just when you think you are starting to master it, it bites you and sometimes hard. When you check Notams maybe check the surgical consultants holiday rota at your nearest major surgery hospital. I spent a week of medieval torture getting 'rolled' every 4 hours to avoid bed sores. Marry a understanding and supportive wife....wouldn't have gotten this far this quick without the 'better half'....love you Linsey...xx Will I fly again?...not in 2017 and it depends how stable and resilient this pelvic surgery is, there's a lot of metal screws very close to major spinal nerves the thought of strapping several kilo of motor on my back and leaning forward from crouch to foot launch seems a long way off...and that occasional arse landing...eeek!!....trike?...maybe. Linsey is very supportive and understanding knows how much I enjoy flying...and turns out I have a high pain threshold so if I'm willing to suck it up...but she willl no longer be my first emergency telephone contact and I will need insurance up to the chin. So all you guys fly safe and happy landings, enjoy 2017. They say 'What doesn't kill us makes us stronger'....for sure. Rik
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