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Sri lanka 'working paramotor holiday'

admin (Simon W)

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Hi all, :-)

I have recently been contacted by someone in Sri Lanka who is working with the tourist board to set up a Paramotor school / tandem flights experience hopefully in 2021 but most likely 2022. 

They are asking me to get a team of 5 people together to go to Sri Lanka to help make this happen. 

The basic outline would be something like: Flights, food and accommodation paid for and a small amount of pay for between 1 and 3 months.

This is one of those things you see online 'after' the event and wished you were on!! Now if your chance to be that person! :-)

Skillsets can range from helping to clip people in, through to teaching a group of 3 so any one reading this CAN offer something. 


If you have not been to Srilanka you should deffo check out google. It's an amazing place plonked in the Indian Ocean close to the Maldives :-)

In the first instance, please PM via PMC site if you are interested in helping make this happen. 




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Massive thanks to all those who sent me a PM (as requested on the post) :-):-)

I will be sending out some messages to those that did over the coming day's with further information / and some information that I will need from you as a part of this process. 

There is one part of the security forms that I am going to fill in for those who are picked, which may filter some of you out so if you have sent me a PM and have a criminal record pretty please let me know now (by PM). Only those with a clean record will get past the checks and it will cost both time and money for us to find that out later down the line. 

Many thanks again to those that did. 


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