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Training help please

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Thanks Gerry, but there isn’t anyone else near me in Kent.

I’ve since found out that Barry (the chief instructor) was previously a BHPA instructor for many years, so knows what he’s doing.

When the lockdown lifts I’ll go to the training site and see them in action, have a chat then and then decide I think.

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3 hours ago, Gerry 747 said:

Hi, not sure if your question was aimed at me or Paul. Anyways, I know some of them do, even a guy on here said it was one reason he didn't want to train with them. Maybe some have stopped, but I do know they have these tests for ratings and this silly Club Licence. Who's ratings? Who's licence? a load of crap.

I think you are referring to the schools that are mainly PG based with a power environment add-on, however there are many of Power only schools with no association with paragliding, as for ratings, ie club pilot I don't understand your load of crap comment, it is a way of knowing where the pilot is in their ability, it is a BHPA rating not a licence, yes they can fly but would Benefit from coaching in a club environment, a bit like learning to fly a 747 when you get your license yes you can fly the thing but does that mean you can fly 500 passengers to Abu Dhabi on your first flight, I doubt it, maybe you should research things before giving bad advise 

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Pmsl laughing, you sound like Ronnie Pickering 🤣

Well why don't you enlighten us all and say who these so called schools are then we can all avoid them, 

Just don't tarnish every BHPA school with the same brush, 

Ratings are a way of progressing in the sport at the pilot's rate, hmm just like 

Ppl,nppl CPL, atpl that all just sounds like a way to make money to me 🙄

With an attitude like yours I'm surprised you got your license, not very professional ! 

Thanks Danny


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12 minutes ago, Gerry 747 said:

Hello Simon, I'm using the robot login, hope we didn't upset things, but the only way we can do this is by just jumping in without giving any warnings or your permission.

It would get out and we couldn't get the robot to respond as natural as possible.

Once again we apologise if we caused you any problems.

X. Ying.

Oh please, just stop now. 

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