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Davidstow Flying


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Big shout out to Tony and the Davidstow club for a couple of days taking advantage of the break in the weather before the storm arrives.

smooth air today and managed 4 flights before I lost the feeling in my feet :)

i suspect the next days will be maintaining only but great full for a winter fligh.

Merry Christmas to all fellow flyers and those in the background acting as support allowing us the privilege of our hobby.


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North Cornwall across Bodmin moor.

Stunning and lucky to get the weather window. 

Last year managed a equally stunning flight up the Tamar river bordering Devon and Cornwall from Saltash to Gunnerslake.

seeing how the members map is growing would be good to make a local flying to member locations so we don't pressure any individual locations.

I'd be up for a trip over from Germany again for a Airborne Grand Tour :)




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I'm a mature and still new pilot with under 100 flights but having done the APPI and advanced training this year I'm ok with going out and flying solo.

I think in this sport we never stop learning and my advice is to find a local club or contact and fly in company.

The member map here is growing so opertunities to meet and fly are also increasing. 

Sometimes waiting isn't frustrating but from experience I can say it's definitely better to be on the ground wishing you were in the air than the other way around :)

That said silk glove liners make a huge difference as does thermals a flight suit and warm socks, crisp air gives good lift and when the stars align go for it.


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