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  1. Minor update to a case that is easier to print with FDM, this has less detail but is a stronger case and easier to assemble as lid is M3 screws. Also looking to add the Adafruit compass as probably heading is more useful than temperate. Temp is also in the case so not so useful.
  2. For fun I built an Arduino based altimeter. Its fairly easy if you can manage a soldering iron and have a friend with a 3D printer The code is also very basic and I´m sure someone could make a nicer display but I wanted: Pressure Altitude sea level Altitude relative to start of flight (starts at zero) Altitude up or down Temp I used a nice small display and it all runs off a 9V rechargeable battery. The case needs work but function I´m happy with. Its about 60 x 70 x 25 so quite small with a 1.7" display. Parts: Arduino mini pro (3 GBP Amazon) Adafruit DPS310 6.6 GBP Adafruit 1.69 Screen 15.5 GBP (probably you could go cheaper here but its a nice display) Switch 9V rechargeable battery Few wires and a 3D printed case. Files are here: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:5150522 CODE_211121_Altimeter_Mini_Pro_V7.ino
  3. Hi Chaps I'm Dave and a pilot of a few years just arrived in Blighty from Germany and looking to get in some hours. I'm based near Oxford so fairly close and hope it will be possible to join you in the near future for some flying. I'm flying a Parajet V3/Moster 185 on a BGD Wasp wing, stable but like me a bit slow. Please let me know if you plan to get together for some aerial antics, I'm mostly looking to get in some longer non aero type flights. All the best Dave
  4. Good luck, I will be back in Oxford from August so lets see if we can fly together. Dave
  5. until

    I´ve had to give up my place I´m coming over from Germany but the 10 day quarantine stops me being able to attend. I´ll have to suffice with some solo flying.
  6. until

    Getting closer.... Is there any format to the event, my 1st. As its starts friday is the goal a full Friday Flyday? If so I´ll come Thursday and stay locally so I get a good start. My wife is looking for local B&B although my dad is excited to spectate from his camper.
  7. I did and fairly sure i got it from Parajet. I now also hold a spare in my kit box along with pipe. Dave
  8. Tony im back in Munich now till March but will be back in time for the Cornwall run so looking forward to seeing you again for a fly. Maybe I´ll christen a new wing at the event Looking at the BGD Luna 2 as will hand my Wasp to my son and been super happy with my BGD. Dave
  9. I can also recommend Davidstow as a most beautiful place to fly. Paramotor membership is very good value and even as a backup membership opens a lot of great potential flights. And the chaps there are friendly and almost as soon as your aloft you get to see the north coast!
  10. Same in O,Ford after a week of shaking all the leaves down
  11. Next weather window perfectly timed to hit the new Covid lock down I guess probability of flying again this year is now over. Lets hope the Covid fuse works. Dave
  12. Managed a fly today. Fairly windy and hit some rotor off the bouncy hedge on final but no real problems, on my feet just could have been cleaner. Now waiting on a delivery of Motol 800
  13. Thanks Tony, am around Davidstow following weekend although long term forecast does not look so great but still time for that to change! Dave
  14. Manager good tact the local rugby pub facilities manager who was super friendly. As long as I register and give contact info, I assume in the case of a problem, he was ok for me to use their well groomed field. Around 3pm I did so in some gusty and lumpy conditions but still a great location and good to get aloft. If your looking North where and how far? Dave
  15. Not feeling the fellow flyer bonding, I was hoping to get some flying in and seems no one around Oxford want to share a flight site with a fellow flyer.
  16. Hi all, Friday and Sunday are looking like a good chance for flying at least next Oxford. Can anyone please give me a pointer to a open flying site near South Oxford. The Cowley location looks good but struggling to get any hard contact for permission and don't want to chance it and bigger up someones field. Dave
  17. Austria is very close to Germany as far as restrictions. Another non-paramotor friendly place but not completly locked. You will need to find approved flying places and will require a recognised qualification. Not sure about pre-registration but in Germany it is possible to apply for a temp permit and as they are fairly hand in hand I assume the same. Very Paragliding friendly though!
  18. Tony also hoping to get down to the club more. I'm a fan of winter flying so hope to take advantage of some coming Chrisoph air.
  19. Fello flyers Im now in Oxford and expecting to be here for a few years for work. Would be good to catch up with some local members and get tips n sites around Oxford particularly south side. Fueled up the V3 today and gave it it’s 1st good run up since Christmas, fresh fuel and a good prime and she fired right up so now just looking for a site. Thanks Dave
  20. For minimalist approach I have a Garmin Vivioactive watch that has GPS and Vario in it. You can pick them up around 150 notes and Stufly of Flight app will give you the basics. If I´m only flying locally it gives me ground speed, altititude and VSI plus very useful is the pointer back to start point and ETE to start point, its easy to get lost it all looks different up there. The watch is also very small so not hard to carry and can be used to keep a log of your flight. For longer flights I run FlySkyHy as I´m i-bone but if your android PPGPS also looks good, I´m sure you already have a smart phone. Being a toy addict I also have a Garmin X64 when I travel outside of my normal airspace but really teh FlySkyHy and watch are my most used tools. Dave
  21. Very much looking forward to being back in the UK in the next weeks for some easier/less restricted flying. In Germany I am heavilly regulated to have a licence basically treated as an Ultralight so same exam. I also need to fly from a regulated flying site, generally airport although most of the ones I use are grass strip including a farmers field that is registered. Joining a circuit with significantly faster light aircraft is not so much fun but my local airport allows me to have a short circuit and land by the tower (at 7€/landing). I also need a radio licence and to carry and contact the tower but also good to know what traffic is arround. It does significantly reduce the flying I do here as when the weather is good the air is full of UL Aircraft making it not practical for me to be in the mix. Being a responsible pilot comes to what is reasonable, carrying 3rd party insurance is I think reasonable and here the German flying assosiation helps as they give me very competitive cover through their club. Some form of training also reasonable if only for your own safety. I´m happy to support a club to give the sport a voice and for the social side, for me sharing my sport with fellow flyers and flying in company is epic. The sport does offer a low cost way to get in the air with kit you can fit in a car. The equipment is getting better and safer but also the numbers of flyers is incrseing so at some point there will be some regulation I´m sure. I saw this happen in the model drone world with the newísh registration reqirements so fairly sure it will happen at some point to our sport. Lets hope with the voice of forums like this we can manage to keep the UK skys open and to assist those interested into taking a safe path through training so they also feel the freedom of flight. I know I ranted a bit off topic, apologies. We have to get on with our neighbours, be part of the community so we not seen as sky pests. Someone will always get the hump regardless, part of an open culture so thanks to Simon for hosting our voice and members for being a community. So whos up for some flying around Oxford in the next weeks
  22. Simon many thanks, looking at the member map seems a reasonable contingent around Oxford so good chances. Mostly I want to be sure of identifying the local ´sensitive zones´ so I keep the locals happy and dont make wave for the sport. I´m a DULV member https://www.dulv.de/ adn get my 3rd party insurance through them, I think 2M should be ok for uk? I already checked and the company says flying in UK is within the cover so good on that point. Do I need any other certification for flying at Membury, I have APPI but for me training is always ok. Simon do you run your school from Membury? Looking to put my son through a course. Dave
  23. In September I will be moving from Munich to Oxford. Any tips on local flying clubs or groups? I´ll be spending a few weekends down in Cornwall With Tony and the chaps there and already joined the davidstow club for those times but would be good to know if there is a local meetup in Oxford. Dave
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