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Using reserve in non-emergency

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I will give you a sensible answer David. I have only ever deployed my reserve on the ground as a practice just before a repack is due . My instructor however told me he used to train paragliding in Greece . Part of his training  included throwing a reserve and coming down over water.

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I think there's potentially a couple of people on here who may have thrown one in anger... but personally I wouldn't want to do it aloft just for shits and giggles!

Added to that there's probably a few of us on here who have thrown one on a zip line. I did it at the first Parafest. It's not quite as straight forward as you think... but in a pinch I'm sure you'd make it work. I suffered from super sticky old Velcro and then the actual act of pulling/removing it, then throwing it, isn't quite as fast/intuitive as you'd hope.

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