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  1. DavidG4

    Flying Weather Stats

    I might be corrected but 10G20 sounds pretty rough to me
  2. ...or any engine for that matter. I sold my old main air Blade a few years back and the first flight was EFATO!! Oops. second flight, third flight, fourth flight...all EFATO. Something badly wrong yet when I flew it it was always sweet as a nut. Ya can never tell.
  3. DavidG4

    Flying Weather Stats

    How often to anglers catch fish? Golfers get a good score? Any UK flying is fraught with weather issues...its a waiting game for long months some times. But...when you finally get the flying day it's all worth it. IF you spend the 8k on flying, you will sometimes fly. If you dont you will always be a groundling. The choice is yours of course. Frankly the BIGGEST cause of not flying in my experience is driving time to the field, whether full on powered flight, model flight, gliding, pg or ppg. If the car journey is a ballsache you will find yourself making excuses why yiu can't go. If you spend the cash and get into flying (anything), find a location within an hours drive...(I know some drive longer, but plot the graph) and then to hell with the weather.
  4. DavidG4

    Carabiner and Mailion failures

    Yes, of course. Like the feathers on a shuttlecock! The nose has it then...Anyone remember the copper in 'The Bill' who had a massive conk? Reg Hollis the character, Jeff Stewart the actor. Great big rudder!!
  5. DavidG4

    Using reserve in non-emergency

    Threw mine at BFR too...scared the hell out of me. As for actually "flying" it...as my old PG instructor used to tell me "its for saving your life, not your legs". Don't do it.
  6. DavidG4

    Carabiner and Mailion failures

    Does efficacy depend on the size of one's nose and ears??
  7. DavidG4

    Carabiner and Mailion failures

    There are two techniques for crosswind landings...wingdown and crabbing. Crabbing is by far the easier. Crab to the flair then kick off the crab just before touchdown. The aeroplane will fly exactly as you're used to all the way down. The other way is wing down...you fly a straight approach but One wing down (the into wind wing) so that the plane is always slipping sideways but into wind so that the track over the ground is straight. In this technique you do not cross aileron and rudder. This approach requires you to level the wings at some point but will allow you to touch One wheel first. This approach means the aeroplane is never really level all the way down so its never quite 'normal' and thus may be more difficult. I'd use the crab. Your sideslipping technique, using crossed rudder and ailerons, is wrong because thats not what a sideslip is for. Sideslipping is a way of increasing sink rate in an aeroplane with no flaps, it is not a method for dealing with a crosswind. It has the disadvantage in a crosswind of having crossed controls AND increased sink rate which, at the flair when you kick it off, dramatically reduces...so you float, and if you float in a strong crosswind you will float sideways. Definitely try to use a crab or wingdown technique for cross wind landings and keep the sideslipping for shortfield and for fun...which is certainly is. Edit...just a thought. Not all flapped aircraft are actually cleared for sideslipping. It puts quite a force on the fin and can blanket the controls. Caveat emptor
  8. DavidG4

    Carabiner and Mailion failures

    There have been several. One was Singapore I think. Might be wrong
  9. DavidG4

    Carabiner and Mailion failures

    Cheers Andy. I always find it interesting that in a theatre the stage lights are bolted to a pole which is suspended. But the lights ALSO have a metal rope loop round them...just in case that well engineered bolt fails! Likelihood...low, outcome...catastrophic. Im with you.
  10. DavidG4

    Carabiner and Mailion failures

    Several B737 were lost due to uncommanded rudder hard-overs. Aeroplanes are not steered by their rudders. Rudder failure is not an issue, rudder hardcover IS. As for using a loop rather than a caribina as a safety item, in PG some deaths have been caused by sudden stresses of one loop on another - heat is instantaneously generated and it melts the fabric. Not a good result. I would prefer two carbines for sure. Risk assessment, (not worry) - chances of failure...low. Result of a failure...catastrophic. Answer...double up. I used to fly a Mainair Flash but in the end the sight of just one main bolt stopped my flying - too much time in heavy metal with redundancy maybe, but I eventually couldnt hack it anymore.
  11. DavidG4

    Carabiner and Mailion failures

    No answer to the question re using two. I was told when paragliding never to use two because of the odd strains on the loops and the abrasion between the Two caribinas. But I still think two is better than one and i remain unconvinced by the arguments against.
  12. For a.minute there I thought, Jersey, Wow...nice place - beaches, sea, boats. But "dollars" gave it away. Sorry.
  13. DavidG4


    Maybe its just some customers....
  14. Seriously? Captain Fister? Is this a porn script I've fallen into???
  15. DavidG4

    newbie from midlands UK

    Nice info. Thanks