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  1. Noticed discussion about tangles in risers originating from action cameras (gopro or otherwise). Is there a clever location to mount these things that is compatible with foot launch and takes decent video without being a hazard? Pics would be great.
  2. Anybody flown their reserve just because? like for training. Just curious.
  3. Hi all. Name is David and I just signed up on the board today. I'm 100% new to the idea of paramotoring so I'll be spending a few days reading all of the posts everyone gets tired of reading so I don't re-invent the wheel. Not new to aviation by any means as I'm retired naval aviator having flown mostly helicopters with RN and USN. Open to any suggestions on equipment choices (based on personal experience) like levels to look at for beginner, dive right in good stuff, rent don't buy, all the usual stuff newbies ask. Especially interested in safety lessons learned. Thanks,
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