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So here is the issue with BHPA. I am APPI trained and have global insurance that allows me to fly anywhere for any length of time. I am out of the UK 6 months of the year.

If I take the BHPA conversion training I can then be BHPA power rated.......BUT......I then have to pay for BHPA membership, that includes insurance. The insurance is useless to me as it does not cover me for 6 months outside the UK. There is no option to be a member without insurance.

So, I would have to waste £126 per year.

Also, if you have 2 lots of insurance thee is mayhem when you need to make a claim!



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Wow. Thats quite a can of worms I opened 😏

Really useful information in there though, so many thanks to all who contributed. Just trying to work out how best to proceed in it order to fit training around work, kids, wife, etc etc.


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The pg world is even more divided by the BHPA. I can see THEIR point but they are a bit OTT. By banning non BHPA pilots from slopes what do.they achieve?  Well, I guess they control quality on the slopes and so protect permissions but given the bell curve distribution of skill levels and aptitudes it's a tough call. A non BHPA trained pilot could be a lot better than a bad BHPA pilot. But who would know? 

Thats why I stopped pg flying...too many people, too variable a skill set.  As a professsional pilot I do expect a certain mind set, maybe unfairly,  but I really dont want some.doofus. killing me. 


When I went to the bore fly-in with my sons we were amazed by the lax attitudes and rather APPARENT gash attitude to airstrip control. BUT we were also deeply impressed by the general safety mindedness. So we concluded that what we were seeing was not gash attitudes but a lot of decent pilots having al ot of safe fun by knowing how to Have fun safely, knowing what corners can safely be cut.

We came away VERY impressed by PMC pilots to be honest AND WE REALLY WANTED TO JOIN IN. We xouldntntell who was BHPA and who wasn't. Conclusions?  Draw your own. 

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