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  1. He was only there briefly. Any shouting was courtesy of Ricardo.
  2. Two week APPI PPG pilot training completed with flying colours! Now I need to decide if I'll get into it enough to justify the enormous outlay on all the kit.
  3. As I thought. All I'm after is a decent field with as few people to jeer me as possible.
  4. My BHPA membership has come up for renewal (after completing my club pilot paragliding training last year and not flying since) and I'm due to do my APPI PPG pilot training next month in Italy. Am I right in thinking that there would be no point whatsoever in renewing it?
  5. Red Kite

    Icarus X

    I just saw that. That's terrible.
  6. Red Kite

    Icarus X

    Looks like it. As well as John O'Sullivan having an unscheduled trip to Yeovil
  7. Red Kite

    Icarus X

    No participants from here? https://blogging.theadventurists.com/map/adventure/icarusxseriesuk2019
  8. Here's my first silly question as an, as yet, untrained noob: has anyone sought permission to fly from the overflow parking field opposite Quainton Railway Museum? They often have balloonists and hoppers taking off from there so I was wondering if the two pursuits ever share the same spots or do they jealously guard their own locations?
  9. Hiya, We're in Waddesdon. I was treated to a tandem session a couple of years ago just make sure I could cope with it and I loved it (even though flying in a 747 terrifies me). It's the running through rocks and shrubs towards near vertical drops that gives me the fear. Once I'm aloft, I'm fine!
  10. Afternoon all. Newbie here from sunny Buckinghamshire. At present I hold a paragliding cub pilot rating (in theory but certainly not in practice). After realising that we were probably never going to make a regular trek to Dunstable Downs (combined with my quite specific fear of heights but not, necessarily, flying) , my girlfriend and I decided that paramotoring was probably closer to our thing. We've got our PPG course coming up at the end of summer and hope to be gadding about the skies as soon as funds allow after that. Anyway, just thought I'd say hello before I started asking daft questions.
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