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Training and BHPA

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So here is the issue with BHPA. I am APPI trained and have global insurance that allows me to fly anywhere for any length of time. I am out of the UK 6 months of the year.

If I take the BHPA conversion training I can then be BHPA power rated.......BUT......I then have to pay for BHPA membership, that includes insurance. The insurance is useless to me as it does not cover me for 6 months outside the UK. There is no option to be a member without insurance.

So, I would have to waste £126 per year.

Also, if you have 2 lots of insurance thee is mayhem when you need to make a claim!



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The pg world is even more divided by the BHPA. I can see THEIR point but they are a bit OTT. By banning non BHPA pilots from slopes what do.they achieve?  Well, I guess they control quality on the slopes and so protect permissions but given the bell curve distribution of skill levels and aptitudes it's a tough call. A non BHPA trained pilot could be a lot better than a bad BHPA pilot. But who would know? 

Thats why I stopped pg flying...too many people, too variable a skill set.  As a professsional pilot I do expect a certain mind set, maybe unfairly,  but I really dont want some.doofus. killing me. 


When I went to the bore fly-in with my sons we were amazed by the lax attitudes and rather APPARENT gash attitude to airstrip control. BUT we were also deeply impressed by the general safety mindedness. So we concluded that what we were seeing was not gash attitudes but a lot of decent pilots having al ot of safe fun by knowing how to Have fun safely, knowing what corners can safely be cut.

We came away VERY impressed by PMC pilots to be honest AND WE REALLY WANTED TO JOIN IN. We xouldntntell who was BHPA and who wasn't. Conclusions?  Draw your own. 

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On 14/05/2019 at 15:40, AndyB said:

Well maybe Brad has improved. The guy I refer to, trained by Brad, had not been taught even basic safety such as, 5 point harness check, reverse clip in, clear prop, agreeing which way to fly circuits etc, etc In essence all he had been taught was how to get into the air and landing was sketchy!  Also, a quick search on other Paramotor forums will give many, many similar feedbacks to mine. 

Remember, training should be fun....................but also safe!

I was one of brads first students and the first things he drilled into me was safety, clear prop clip in ect, ect, ect, this guy who came to fly with you may have gone to Brad quin for a taster day, or did he go at all? Can we have his name I might be able to clear this nonsense up, all you keyboard warrior's spoil this sport 99% of you lot ain't even met him 


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 My BHPA membership has come up for renewal (after completing my club pilot paragliding training last year and not flying since) and I'm due to do my APPI PPG pilot training next month in Italy.

Am I right in thinking that there would be no point whatsoever in renewing it?


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I did APPI and have insurance thru AXA. This is suitable for any of the non BHPA fly ins. If you want to fly at a BHPA site then you have to have the BHPA insurance....which comes free when you pay for membership, which of course is expensive, because it includes 'free' insurance.

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On 04/05/2019 at 16:24, AndyB said:

Brad Quin's training is rubbish. Really rubbish. I had a guy come to fly with me who had been Brad Quin trained and he was dangerous. He didn't even know basic safety rules for flying safely. I advised him to go and get some more training from a good instructor before he came to fly with me again.


Know this is an old thread but while browsing the 'net recently, came across his site, which bears a striking resemblance to this site's name and Simon's business name, along with his "affiliation" to an organisation, which is named very similarly to the BHPA, and claiming all sorts of wonderful things. Also watched some of his "promoted" videos, one of which has a tandem taking off and jumping over a laid out wing.

All a bit suss.

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