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Pumping brakes

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It's a Paragliding technique which can be used when it's very windy to attempt a top landing. 

I know exactly who you are on about (the bunch) and I have no idea why they have started doing it. It can be dangerous depending on loading and conditions. 

It 'May' be a bit like a new racing driver (testing the corner before committing, rather than just committing) I think it is more likely that someone saw it, tried it, and now its spreading like an STD lol 



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As a paraglider pilot from years ago (my last new competition wing is 23 years old!) we would use this technique to come down on a spot landing. The glide was so good on a paraglider that it was difficult sometimes to get down that last 3 metres as you watched the end of the field getting closer and closer; or as you were about to fly over the spot in a spot landing competition. So you came in a bit high, and reached for the stall point, then let it fly again, reached for the stall point and let it fly again, reached for the stall point, etc. This would greatly reduce your final few seconds of flight and you came down heavier at a  larger angle of fall.

This is not needed with an engine on your back, you are generally flying a smaller wing and you are heavier due to the engine weight, your glide with engine off will never match a competition paraglider wing! Therefore you can work out the final glide angle and be much more likely to land next to your car.

Reaching the stall point is an exercise best done at a great height. Generally you can't just release it immediately and hope it will all work as a wing again. We were taught, to hold the full stall in until you were dropping back under the wing, ready for release. But each wing reacts differently.

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It does do something - it degrades glide, but I agree there's no point on PPG,

8 hours ago, Mark Morgan said:

pointless exercise and does nothing At all...  A mate of mine does it but don't know why.. You get a much better landing coming on full fast. Not for New pilots but can be learnt in small progressive stages.. Once you have done it you will never go back to landing on slow trims.. 

especially on normal landings (dangerous). Richard

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