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  1. Hi Might be worth asking down at some of the PG schools in Brighton. Fly Sussex Tim or Jess Cox might be able to help or Steve Purdy at Airworks. If your after kit come down and see us At Sussex Paramotors (Chichester).. Depending on how quickly you want to learn or if you have time to take away from work you could go abroad and do a BHPA rating. Fly Spain or Skyschool..
  2. Mark Morgan

    next wing after flying ozone spyder

    If you like the spyder go for the Speedster 2 or Sirocco2 There Both EN-C but jumping onto any snake with 50 hours is crazy IMO... I get this question alot from people who think they are out flying there current wing but in reality there no where near out flying the wing.. My main questions would be why are you changing? what are you looking for in the next wing that your old one doesn't do for you?... If it's a little more speed and agility try moving down a size thus keeping your EN-B caritoristics (if your still in the smaller wings wing loading and test cert)
  3. Mark Morgan

    Pumping brakes

    pointless exercise and does nothing At all... A mate of mine does it but don't know why.. You get a much better landing coming on full fast. Not for New pilots but can be learnt in small progressive stages.. Once you have done it you will never go back to landing on slow trims..
  4. Mark Morgan

    polini thor 250

    we have customers on 250 + hours on theirs.. only every needing service items.
  5. Mark Morgan

    Bailey Spares

    We used to stock spare for bailey and I must still get 4-5 calls a week from Bailey owners who can not get parts or contact Bailey directly.. My advice Pete would be to retro fit a 250 onto the dragonfly.. More power and good Eco figures and Parts readily available..
  6. I never answer what?
  7. Mark Morgan


    Damian At 120kg i would 100% say 250, if your able to carry a 32kg machine our Mac Fly 250 is the lightest to my knowledge 250 on the market... you will be able to still get great eco and have allot of power left over, We used to have a 160kg All Up pilot flying a 22m Hadron xx he could still climb at 300fpm on bar doing over 80kmh and could achieve around 4lph in eco mode. 3 hours flight time was easily possible with the standard 12 litre tank. 18 litre tank optional, 280 tornado at a guess i would say around 5.5 7lph but with less power output other options would be the Moster as well as the already mentioned Nitro and tornado What i find very funny is when you see 80-90-100kg+ guys much bigger build than myself 70kg with chicken legs and unfit even Marie Mateos who is 55kg and flying a 250 with no problem and the bigger guys complaining they can't handle the weight!! The only time i struggle with the weight of a 250 machine is when i have a 20 litre tank full up with fuel.... Nil wind full 20 litre tank and a sub 20m wing... Now thats a struggle!!! but how often would you want to fly for over 6-6.5 hours?? If you have medical reasons why you need a lighter motor may be think about a trike.. I always ask my customers a few questions before I recommend a machine/motor combo to them, Body weight? Experience? Medical Issues? What are your longer term goals for Paramotoring? XC, Slalom style, Acro, A 30 minute potter around your field.. How long do you want to fly for now and how long do you think you will fly or would like to in a couple of years?... Where do you fly? Flat lands or mountains.. If you just follow others you might be buying the wrong machine for you, take good advice from Your local pilots/dealers/instructors All the best Mark
  8. Mark Morgan

    Cutom colour V5 zenith

    Bit late mate!! this was posted in 2013!!
  9. Mark Morgan

    Hadron xx vs speedster 2

    Hadron xx and Viper 4 would be roughly the same eco, Speedster will be higher burn..
  10. Mark Morgan

    APT SmartCarb for 2 stroke. (poss comp use?)

    I did offer to test a carb on one of my machines ages ago but nothing .. I am very sceptical of a 30% improvement on eco figures and You would think that if these were 'sorted' for the PPG market they would be very keen to have some of the worlds Top pilots using them in comps....
  11. Mark Morgan

    Hadron xx vs speedster 2

    You can not compare these two wings as they both sit in different categories
  12. Mark Morgan

    Fuel level indicator

    I sell the PPG meter, The new model has fuel flow, fuel level, CHT EGT WTS all the RPM values inc Tacho, plus much more.. https://www.sussexparamotors.co.uk/electronics_comms/engine_management/fly_henry_ppg_meter
  13. Mark Morgan

    Gin Carve paramotor wings?

    yes flown the 18m...
  14. Mark Morgan

    New & need guidance

    Yes correct but how many actually check to see it the pilot has the license or rating ??
  15. Mark Morgan

    Tornado 280 paramotor engine from Air Conception

    Reminds me of another Motor that was released/Advertised way to early and never really showed up until it was to late for the party.. I think if it was the other way around and they just shoved 100 motors out early and they all had teething problems everyone would be slagging them off.. Just think it will be Christmas soon..