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  1. Stator should read 300ohm's + or - 10% if your running a regulator bin it there crap!! most failures i see are due to regulator malfunction. should be max 14.8v some i've seen tested are pumping out 19volts.. idle air screw 1-1.5 turns out.. Have you fitted the correct new prop with the HF kit..
  2. There are a lot of pilots who fly the wrong equipment, This sport has so many variables it would be virtually impossible to have a chart... Experience and pilot skill will mean they can fly to extremes be it small wings for speed agility or at the limit of there motor.. Basically if you can not not use Bar and stay level your motor is not powerful enough or your wing is to small. Ideally you would have 100-200 fpm climb on bar.. Of course If you NEVER use bar the same appie for trims out... You also have to think WHY fly your motor at full WOT everywhere? Mr GOTT would be circa 5.5kg P m2 this really isn't loaded at all, Plus the free Ride is very efficient. I am fairly light so as an example it would be the same as me on a Top 80 flying 22m... I used to fly a Bailey V5 in comps on a 24m a heavier machine set up but with around the same Power to weight.. A new pilot should really be looking to sit in high 4's Low 5kg m2 160kg all up flying 33m 5kg p m2 A friend of mine had a miniplane top 80 for around 600 hours flying a 26m speedster he was 85kg.. roughly 4kg p m2 My 15m free ride i fly or flew at 7.8kg p m2 bar was nearly full power on my 250 giving 150 fpm climb..
  3. Speak with your instructor or give a dealer a call and discuss your All up weight, Fitness level, and the type of flying you want to do.. They will be able to advise you on a suitable engine or Paramotor set up that will suit YOU..
  4. HF200 comes with PWK and easy to tune, like anything easy when you know how.. All PWK carb have a breather so will leak if you do not drain it. Saying that my 250 never leaks. PWK is a much better carb than the Walbro for tuning. I think it's a very easy job. it's just a new head, cowl, carb etc.. not rocket science.. But if your a monkey with tools then it might be worth getting someone to do it for you..
  5. We now have conformation of the new wing and t's now available to pre order Via us if your interested.. Give us a call on the Sussex Paramotors mobile..
  6. 5000 rpm area is not jetting.. either needle taper or Clip position.. Try also fitting the New HF kit with new carb, cowl, head. reduces the head temp by 100c We have them in stock at sussex paramotors
  7. Buying the correct set up depends on allot of variables.. 130lbs is light but the 150 will not be enough to tandem with imo... also tandem in your low hours is not advisable.. There are more options out there than the two you have posted... Not sure how far you are away from Matt Minyard Paramotor louisiana but give him a call, He is a dealer for Parajet, Pap, and my Favorite Mac fly..
  8. Dealers only know two weeks in advance of a new wing coming out... This enables us to get our demos in ready for the release..
  9. Side pockets come in different sizes, They should have asked what reserve you have and sent the appropriate one.. Anything over the 130-140 size we fit tandem pockets..
  10. The site is fairly large Andy... I slept like a log at Cwyes the year before last and i was right in the trade area!! the beer tent is only open until about 11-12... music last year had to stop at 11...
  11. I think most of the traders and Manufacturers will be there!! I was told tickets are selling very quickly
  12. always get a tracking number., we get it all the time couriers are a rule onto there own!!, Most dealers do not lie about sending part just for the sake of it and i almost alway the fault of the parcel services..
  13. Nvolo do 2m and airband in one headset and can include bluetooth and GoPro connect... 2m with be in the left ear cup and airband in the right all coming through the same speakers. I have to say i am a dealer for Nvolo in the UK but i gave up on coms years ago until i got these units in so far everyone who has bought one has been very impressed with them including me and i am not easily impressed! Music Volume is also much better than my Senna SMH10R's i have
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