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18kg Suitcase Nitro


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I have specced and received a machine which turned out even lighter than I hoped.

Nitro with a split travel chassis 18.2kg and a little room to make it a touch lighter. The flying I enjoy the most is away from home so with a Tornado already I need to get another Nitro I went back to basics with a pull start for weight saving and simplicity when flying in a foreign country travelling on airlines with lipo batteries is getting hotter. Soft fuel tank which can be rolled up and carried in hand luggage another item I was asked about when flying was the fuel tank, I can simply say there is no tank. Split leg harness, again a weight saving, but also a bulk saving when packing. Im not a big fan of the comfort offered by the split leg, my flights are usually around 1 hour, so it is sufficient. Split leg is also good for tandem as the pilot can widen his legs. Why the nitro? It is less tuned than the tornado and accepting of poorer quality fuel, various oils etc. It is also 1kg lighter. 

So what is the big deal. The split frame and the total weight. Packing small has been done before but getting all your gear in a case and with a wing under 30kg is not so easy. Same strong titanium frame, same nitro engine 18.2kg and splits in half.

I need to find a bigger case. I just pulled a case from my loft to test and it fits no problem, just not all of it. Once I have tested a larger case I will then decide to go with either 2 smaller bags or 1 large one.

The frame is under tension and feels as solid as a standard non splitting frame, no wobbly bits or rattles. Its not a quick or super easy process, think more of travelling abroad than dismantling at every flight. Between flights, its quite easy to pull the hoop down to what a standard frame would be. The split part takes 6 screws and 4 harness clips to complete.

Photos on Flickr


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What fits in the case - are the frame sections /spars longer than a split prop?   

Is the frame more flexible - will the carbon bits on the side flex if the cage is bumped on the ground?

Keen to get one of these as its seems just what I'm looking for.

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I bought an XL poly plastic case on ebay. It all fits in but not all at the same time. The longest part is the outer hoop 83cm, my case corner to corner is 80cm because the corners are rounded and the trolly wheels impact on space. Opposite corner to corner top to bottom side to side the curved hoop sections fit, I will struggle with engine, its doable but would rub. I am thinking to try another case. I just need 3cm and it will all go in one normal looking case, easily and padded. I think a case without 4 wheels would give extra space.

My aim is to have it all in one, wing, motor etc and still be in the 30kg limit, including the weight of the case.

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well it fits, just in places and room to spare in other. I just put it all in zipped it up and weighed it.

Nitro Split, complete with frame prop, fuel tank etc. plus a reserve parachute, 25.6kg including the case. Later with extra padding and maybe a spare prop it will be under 30kg

32" Suitcase, 12" deep




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Notch, its an organised tour, a group of us 11 in total I think. Transfer KL to Kuala Terrenganu in North East. Then we fly north to Penarik and back, then next day to Dungun, each day a different hotel with local flights, to Chukai, to Balok. transfer to KL, fly through the city of KL where trip ends. I then catch a flight on to Singapore for 2 days to ride EUC before heading home via KL. Message me, maybe you can tag on to the KL city flight, some one joined last time just for that flight, I can give you the organisers name to contact, from Lankawi flight park.

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On 15/11/2019 at 13:57, paraflyer17 said:

What's the deal with insurance and/or compensation when in checked baggage?

Are there limits on compensation? 

Looks amazing otherwise. 

my personal insurance for flying a paramotor in Malaysia and I included electric unicycle in Singapore come to £42, to add the paramotor for luggage insurance would bring it to £1200, so it was carry at your own risk, I took the £42 medical cover. For extra protection I put a GPS tracker in my paramotor in the case, and a tile. it was nice to see the tile ping up while sitting on the plane, knowing my bag was on board.

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