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Hadron xx vs speedster 2

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Currently I am flying a speedster 1 24m with a moster 185 plus at an overall weight 115-118kg. I fly XC. interested in upgrading the wing with the 2 from the title. I love the speedster but I would like to go to a smaller wing 18-20m. out of experience if possible, what could be the wins if I go with the hadron xx? it's a wildhorse, I know, but please a feedback from XC point of view. Acro is only nice to have... not the main switch reason :). The stability I need, a friend has a snake xx and it's not that stable in flight(with activity) and needs to stop the roll when it happens otherwise it amplifies.

in the end, does is make sence to force on a "more demanding glider" or same results from fuel economy+speeds can be achieved with a more docile wing like speedster 2.



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Well I have a friend who has one of each a hadron and speedster he fly the hadron all the time I will say like 8 out of 10 times he fly the hadron he love it ,ho does fly to a report air and I can tell you this is the easy take off wing I have ever seen 

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Hadron XX is a demanding wing which is not going to alow you to make any mistakes,

I fly cross country, using quite fast SkyParagliders Zorro 24 with top speed of 41mph. Have 300+ hours and I have 82 hours this year so far (Jan - Nov), sometimes under rough conditions. And I am NOT ready as a pilot to go for Hadron XX

PS (!) Important (!) Hadron XX is a completely different wing from Hadron, please do not confuse these two wings. 

They have nothing in common but the name.

PPS In my oppinion you have to have 100+ hours a year to go for Hadron XX otherwise it will end up badly sooner or later.

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I've recently gone from a Speedster 1 to a Hadron XX. I'm a 300+ hour pilot but don't consider myself an acro pilot.  I found the step fairly large but if you give the wing the respect it deserves its not a scary thing to fly.

You have to be extremely proficient in ground handling with this wing though, its very twitchy on the ground and can be difficult to launch. Plenty good pilots have caught lines in the prop with this wing!

For XC it is an excellent choice, due to the speed and efficiency. Ive flown mine in very rough air and I didn't see as much as a tip come in. I did get chucked around a bit more than I would on the speedster though and active flying is a must.

Everyone develops at different speeds, but I think if you feel the XX is "forcing on" your development then it is not the right wing for you.  

I found the Speedster to be pretty slow, there are much better options available for XC.



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