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  1. agree with you, but from fuel economy and stability it should be possible. it's clear the xx is a more demanding wing, no doubt
  2. Currently I am flying a speedster 1 24m with a moster 185 plus at an overall weight 115-118kg. I fly XC. interested in upgrading the wing with the 2 from the title. I love the speedster but I would like to go to a smaller wing 18-20m. out of experience if possible, what could be the wins if I go with the hadron xx? it's a wildhorse, I know, but please a feedback from XC point of view. Acro is only nice to have... not the main switch reason :). The stability I need, a friend has a snake xx and it's not that stable in flight(with activity) and needs to stop the roll when it happens otherwise it
  3. 250ml for 10l. Motorex oil
  4. Thank you Carlo for the input. Seems that BGD is not so popular here. Just a matter that there is o dealer for this brand or?
  5. Justin, you have quite the same background as me, even more. When i started PPG i had the same fear/questions as you. I started with aprox 10 flights with a regulas PG(antea sky) and after that i bought a speedster. I have no regrets. With this ammount of experience behind i have no doubts that you can handle it. In my oppinion PPG is much more easier than PG(normal amateur PPG XC). I fly in the morning/evening... small/not at all thermic activity... it's really nice. PG on the other hand... pf... mountain thermals... you know... i saw that you fly in the alps... should be piece of cake.
  6. Did anyone test the BGD Luna reflex wing? Sounds/looks good at first sight. I saw some good flights on it but that's it.
  7. andrei_nath


  8. Good thinking fuzzy. Enjoy ppg long xc with a fast reflex wing. Readge soaring is not free flying... i call it emergency flying when you don.t have any option but you really need to fly. Free flying means coaring thermals and jumping from valley to valley or going over flatlands. You will not go wrong is you go for a free fling dedicated wing also... most important... do one but do it good. From feeling point of view my opinion is that ppg has nothing to do with free flying.
  9. update Bought a speedster 24 in the end and i don't regret it. Landing it with a long flare is a charm, no problem and the takeoff is easier than i thought. Main brakes are long and not very responsive, as all say but the tip steering is very nice. Stable and fast. I like it a lot. consumption... about 3.5 -4 lph at this flight, but with trimmers out in a long flight i expect it to go up for sure. With the trimmers wide open i don't need WOT to maintain flight level, still power available for climbing... no problem there. Keep you posted after an XC. Now i can go distances, i have some re
  10. Bad glide. Handling in non reflex mode. They are not designed for going up and thermal
  11. Depends on what you consider free flight. If only soaring... then you can make the compromise. If you want real free flying... Thermaling, xc fly... don't bother trying, buy a real free fly wing. IMHO free flying has nothing to do with ppg, both for equipment, feeling and techique
  12. Bought the moster in the end, due to the reasons that i explained above. Great motor until now. at the moment i fly a free fly wing sky antea and due to this i can not tell the real consumption... i need only half power for this wing :). we'll see with the reflex wing that i am going to buy in the near future. at the moment i'm looking for a nucleon 25/27 or a speedster 24/26. with the 24 or 25 i would be on top on of the DGAG weight and with the bigger versions let's say about 13/15kg under. what would you recommend? i would like the speed of the smaller ones but let's see the consuption loss
  13. What is the average gain if you switch from 125cm to 130 propeller? Or between 2 and 3 propeller? A colleague told me you gain about 10% in performance and fuel economy about 0.5l. Can it be? It sounds good if it would be real
  14. what does "far wrong" mean? Hopefully it will come to a good result. I had a look on the Polini motors... nice technology no doubt but i think they are a little bit more complicated from technical point of view. more influence from bikes i suppose. Does anyone has real consumption with nucleon xx in different combinations of motors, in xc flying?
  15. Thanks morgy for the inputs. I went on vittorazi also due to the dealers/constructors of paramotors from my region. I hope that there is no big difference between moster plus and a thor 130 or 190 from consumption/confort point of view. Configuration will be moster 185 plus with clutch and nucleon xx. I had a suggestion of a hadron xx 22 but i think is too much from the start even if i fly an en c paragliding in free flying from some years.i have 85 kg so with equipment and paramotor and wing somewhere up to 120 kg. With 11 l tank i hope to get 2.5 - 3 hours on flying xc. Btw can you please te
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