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  1. Sadly have to put on sale again because of time waster.
  2. Do apologise for inadvertently duplicating the topic, Please remove.
  3. Price dropped from £1500 to £1200 for a quick sale
  4. Selling my Sky Paragliders Zorro 24m. Used for 1.5 years from new, very good condition. Was always stored inside non folded, very clean inside out, no ripstops. The reason for sale is moving to 3 axis microlights. Price is £1000 which is 30% of the price of new wing. Full specs https://sky-cz.com/en/zorro Please contact 078 2696 3248 Regards, Ivan
  5. It's a good question and I do not have a straight answer to it. Firstly because I never tried to measure it precisely, secondly because with a soft fuel tank it is harder to know the exact amount of fuel consumed/left. I presume that under full speed it will be around 7,5 - 8, litres, not 8,5, just judjing on how long the fuel tank lasts (to be precise it is 17.5L) Yes, that is not the lowest but thats a price for stability. I fully understand that I can spend less with Hadron XX, but I do not want to. What is more important for me is that I can get 34mph with trimmers of
  6. Zorro is one of the most complex wings I have ever had a chance to fly on. I use the word “complex” not because of any particular issue with take-off or landing or in-flight handling of the wing. It is the character of the wing, which is quite unique, sometimes not really straight forward and I had to “digest” the impressions of flying it before starting writing the review. The reason, which has brought me to the point of testing and flying Zorro from Sky Paragliders is pretty simple. My Apco Lift, which I used for flying cross-country throughout last years has reached 200 hours an
  7. Hadron XX is a demanding wing which is not going to alow you to make any mistakes, I fly cross country, using quite fast SkyParagliders Zorro 24 with top speed of 41mph. Have 300+ hours and I have 82 hours this year so far (Jan - Nov), sometimes under rough conditions. And I am NOT ready as a pilot to go for Hadron XX PS (!) Important (!) Hadron XX is a completely different wing from Hadron, please do not confuse these two wings. They have nothing in common but the name. PPS In my oppinion you have to have 100+ hours a year to go for Hadron XX otherwise it will end up badl
  8. SOLD Price down to £1500 Bargain indeed with only two hours on it, £2500 new. SOLD
  9. No probs at all. Aircraft creates two types of the drag. 1. Induced, a by product of the lift, going down with a speed increase 2. Parasitic. It is a friction drug which varies with the square of the speed (when you fly twice faster it quadruples your parasitic drug. "Propeller - like inserts" generate Form drug, which is a one of the Parasitic types of the drug. It is caused by every part of the aircraft, sitting in the airstream and not producing the Lift. These prop-like inserts generates anti-torque moment but at the same time they generate the Form type of Parasi
  10. Yes, I would agree about the final adjustment. Repeating myself, different wings requires different settings. I will measure it shortly (the cross bar size).
  11. Exactly. if the rotation is in the opposite direction, the horns set will be the opposite shape as well (left one with shift). However, the sentral part with cross-barr will be exactly the same. Sorry, not fully sure what do you mean by arm to arm dimension, if it is the distance between the hang points (the part of the horns where you connect the carabines to) it is approx. 44cm. Is it what you are after?
  12. Hi guys, We have the newes 2018 Apco Lift EZ-R wing for sale, S size (25.8m, up to 140kg inflight load) https://www.apcoaviation.com/lift-ez-r/ Our team just finished writing the review on it, so the wing has only two hours on it. New condition of course. "Summer colour". Comes with the rucksack and wingbag. Price is £2000 which is £500 cheaper then retail price. Grab a bargain. The gist of what has changed within the third generation: Glide ratio (effectivity of the wing) is better. It requires less power, especially with the speedbar pressed out. T
  13. Mine always lays in the boot as there are not too many options to get it into BMW 520 ^))) Just thinking about what is the most important for me personaly with Star... 1st place with no doubt - no smell. 2nd place - presize torque compensation adjustment. I am flying with speedbar pressed out a lot and this is the very thirst time I had a chance to adjust the cross bar and now even with the speedbar pressed out and trimmers off (40mph with my wing) I do not need to hold the small brake all the time. As Simon said, it alows you to tune the frame for each wing. And this is true in
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