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  1. I hear you...not what I wanted to hear either. I was hoping to knock off another 1.6kg ish on my already light 23,5kg rig. I didn't question too much and thought I wouldn't chance spending the $800 odd on it until there was WAY more data available. According to Skymax, the output is the same as the original Vitto but even amongst the Vitto exhaust models there is a difference in power output and at different rev ranges. Bob27, you've explained this very well.
  2. I was looking at fitting the Skymax Ti exhaust to my Skymax to reduce the weight even further so I've been following this topic for some time now. I know of someone in the process of testing one and his Ti exhaust cracked due to a badly unbalanced propeller. He took it off to have it repaired then decided to put the original Moster exhaust back on to feel the difference between the two. Apparently the Moster exhaust delivers more power than the Skymax Ti exhaust. I've not tried it myself so cannot verify this.
  3. Hey DD Thank you so much for your honest feedback - waaaaay more helpful than anything I have come across on the internet or anything constructive/destructive from anyone else. I will most likely stick with the Moster and take my chances on the exhaust issue. It would be great if Skymax had their titanium pipe ready since I think that would be such a great combination. Good luck with the rest of your testing and problem solving. It's a shame that the manufacturer doesn't have these issues dialed in after the EOS 100. They didn't get a good rap for the 100 and their service for that m
  4. Hey Doubledeez. Thank you so much for your input. I have looked at this engine but there is very little around about it. I was set on getting a Moster but I don't trust those exhausts. Do you think that putting the Booysen reeds would be a better option or are you happy with the standard reeds with just the ss removed? Would you consider getting another one if you were in the market for a paramotor today? If not, what would you consider? I considered the Nitro but it's less power than the Moster for quite a bit more money and it also has its faults. I would think that the EOS 15
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