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Visiting Cornwall Xmas 2017

David Bock

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Hi Dave

You can fly from Davidstow airfield I believe,  contact

asquaddie  on this forum

as he has said contact him if I was going down that way.

I hope to be down over Christmas near Bude and have a place I used a few weeks ago and could probably do it again.


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David, you are welcome any time.  Just need to give me dates and I'll let you know.

I have mentioned it many times, on here and in person.  Any guys are welcome to fly from Davidstow airfield, located in North Cornwall.  It is on the doorstep of the Bodmin moors and about 6 minutes flying time to the lovely North rugged coastline.

It is a Microlight club, so some rules are in place, like non-fly zones, £5 a day (insurance) and a member needs to be on location. I’m still not flying at the moment, but happy to have a day out or get another member out there with you. 

Footnote: :-) Hope to be flying early next year :-)

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Thanks, Davidstow is on my doorstep, well almost as I'll be staying near Callington. Many years ago I was in the Moorland flying club and did my 1st weight shift solo from Davidstow so would be good to go there again. Warm gloves packed so fingers crossed for a dry not too windy day.

ill arrive Callington Tuesday so maybe I need the week there will be a flying window.


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How things turn out.  Ian has stopped flying ML's and now flys PPG's and Trikes.

If you want I'll contact him and maybe you might want to meet up.

Let me know and I'll contact him?

* * Just remembered that there are two Ians, Ian Stokes or Ian Callaghan

Makes a big different I'm afraid, because Ian Strokes was murder in Africa

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No problems. As mentioned before it is a club and you need to follow some simple rules.  

£5 per day, sign some paper work, read some rules and you can fly all day.

Not sure what level you're at, but could be flyable all day looking at the forecast.

I'm available from 1000 hrs tomorrow, give me a call when you plan to be there, because I am only 10 minute drive to the airfield.



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