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paramotor take off and landing practice

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Nice video mate. I've been meaning to spend a day doing this myself. I liked the way you talked through it. I too have a Mav and since seeing the accident photos on here not so long ago, I start it on my back now. Pain in the a*se sometimes but just something I have promised myself now.

Keep the videos coming

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I attended my first fly-in this year, where you HAVE to start the motor on your back. Before then I had been trained how to start it safely on the ground.

I found a great compromise. I sit in the harness on the ground, with my arms through the shoulder straps, but not all the buckles done up. Just make sure the machine is positioned in a place where it is safe to start!

It is important to have a routine that you stick to pre-flight so you don't forget something. Because I have started attending a number of fly-ins I have changed my routine so that  I now never start it unless on my back.

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