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  1. Cool and will be good to chat and hear the stories simon! And i just need to get this XC in!!!
  2. No come on tell?? Its unfair to do that!!!!
  3. Oh stop it please??!!!!!!!! I promise i will join in more of this fun soon!!!
  4. Ok yeah that sound like a plan. Im sure outkast will be up for that once we all have some more hours! Yeaj its very frustrating! I need simon to come back so i can use his motor!!!
  5. No i ordered it through the PMC shop.
  6. Oh yeah i bet!!! Aylesbury isnt too far from me? bout 45 mins or so? you will have to say when your next up there?!
  7. frazer1981

    New Magazine

    Im not sure who i should contact regarding this but have ordered the 12 month subscipition for the magazine through the shop but have not recieved it as yet???
  8. It looks like a superb day for a lunchtime flight!!
  9. Yeah i must admit the whole idea of a subscription does seem good but one tends to panic a tad when one is still waiting after paying all the money up front?!!! Heres hoping its soon!!
  10. I havent recieved mine as yet so hopefully i havent been forgotten????!
  11. Any one know when the new paramotor mag is out?
  12. Thats a great video gordon. Gives a great perspective having a camera on a boom. Good work!
  13. Oh i completely know the feeling!!!!!!! Please let me win the lotto tonight lord so i can buy me a motor!!!!!
  14. Sounds as though you got some good air time tho dave!
  15. Yeah i read that at the bottom. It will be intresting to see what the general opinion is.
  16. Seems you have money issues leo!!! Previous threads will answer your questions mate
  17. Yes i recieved my wing in good time considering the weather and had communication when they informed me a few lines needed to be replaced!
  18. And fingers crossed will get get some good weather soon!!!
  19. Of course, it is only for ground handling? And as you say, they may find it frustrating at first but some people give up quicker than others. Ultimately i guess it is part of the learning curve and in the end the practice makes perfect.
  20. Hi Malc There are a few on ebay at the moment which are ok. You dont wanna get anyhthing too old or tricky as if you find it hard to launch or control then you will loose confidence and think twice about the sport. The ones on ebay will probably go for between £100 - £200
  21. Have you thought of a few people sharing motors? After they buzzed Bath, I found and met 5 or 6 paragliding blokes from around Bristol who do this with 3 (solo engined) motors. It seems to work very well for them. They took turns with short flights then longer ones knowing there was always somone on the ground to help launch, retrieve and drive back from the pub! They had a quicker turnaround and fewer failed launches than a group of people each with ther own motor. It is great to have the skills and take the time to carefully do it all on your own, but maybe better to have safe help. The bonus is they appeared to get more flying and for less cost. Gliding is usually shared or syndicated, it seems odd that we don't. If I was starting now, I would look for a few mates and share a few motors. Cheers Paul I have thought about this option and Dave (outkast) has kindly offered me use of his motor until i purchase one. I think its a good idea if maybe paragliding is your primary sport? that way you can take the paramotor up as and when but i like the idea of flying with my mates etc. There may also be an afternoon in summertime say when im free and availiable to go flying but one of the others in the syndicate has the motor and i cant get to it? Certainly them first few hours after the first flight i can see the benefits of having someone on the ground ready to help should it be required.
  22. i might sell my walker super hawk, thinking of buying a new ppg ,ex/ solo210 starts first/or second pul.as new 125 prop send me an email for pics.£1100 jock1geo@hotmail.com Email sent
  23. Hi Just thought id try this route.. Im after a second hand motor, nothing fancy required as it will be my first motor? Looking to spend around £1000 - £1200 at the mo? You may have something sitting in the shed etc!! Looking for summing with 55 - 60kg of thrust If not no worries Cheers
  24. Oh and they will be jealous when your whizzing around gently at sunset!!
  25. I could of saved meself some money by just watching that!!!! Its great exposure tho
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