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  1. I would need an inflating flight suit to prevent me passing out on this thing!!
  2. http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/ne ... plane.html
  3. I loved that video. What wing and motor did it look like he was flying?
  4. At least you wont do it again mate!!
  5. Get it checked but you gotta go with your instincts as it would be you flying! ten years old is quite old and you cant tell what it history has been.
  6. Just a thought but maybe it was easier to run without your motor on hence being able to get the wing up in the low wind conditions.
  7. Please do then as i pays me moneys!!!!!
  8. Ummm thought there would be a catch!!!!!
  9. Another good word for parajet. Where is there factory?
  10. I was more curious as to what simon had planned with that huge stick he was stoking the fire with in the background when they were interviewing gilo!!! I really enjoyed the show though
  11. Its a shame the video has been removed by the user
  12. PM me when you get a chance dave? Well done on getting a site
  13. Thats mad! its like a dam collapsing or something
  14. Iguess in a weird way its one of the appeals of this sport. The days that are great are really great!
  15. I must admit tho its a great excuse to watch some beautiful women (the dancers) parading around in next to nothing!!! Maybe you should stop looking at the men dave and focus on the women on that show!!!
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