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  1. This seems to of gone a bit quiet? Have the cards etc arrived yet that we paid for? I still havent recieved mine???
  2. Hi simon Any news on these yet?
  3. Thank for the offer ED i really appreciate it but im at a baby naming ceremony sunday?? Everyting is going against me!!!!
  4. you mean you would rather watch a bunch of overpaid hairdressers mince around a field with a bag wind than go flying? Tickets to see them are rare these days! I will find out how much they want for them tomorrow and if its ridicoulus then ill be joining you!!
  5. Ill single you out for some abuse during the game maybe then Ed!!!
  6. Possibly now dave?? I been offered a ticket for arsenal at wembley for the FA cup semi final but will keep you posted!
  7. What prices you looking at and how many people!
  8. It certainly seems like a great idea but i agree with the different weight issues etc? How would you get around that?
  9. Cheers for all the suggestions!! I understand where you are all coming from and probably need to stop feeling sorry for meself! I think its worse what with the lovely weather we have had! I will keep my chin up though phil, i will also keep my other 2 chins up! I would also certainly be intrested in you F3 so keep me posted as to when you are thinking of selling and im certain we could sort something.
  10. What with the current state of the world my dream of adding a motor to my wing is now very distant indeed. I had savings but after my missus had problems at work im am now back to zero and not looking at getting that back up and running anytime soon. I have had many kind offers from Dave (outkast) and simon which i am very grateful for but i really want my own motor so that im not relying on anyone else... Has anyone else been in this situation before? im now starting to get very annoyed and am fed up with ground handling all the time?? Has anyone else had to endure that feeling of making progress then going back 30 steps? Yours A 'rapidly losing intrest' Frazer
  11. Hi Mike Glad you had a good flight. Where abouts in luton area are you flying? im in stevenage and do understand if you wish to keep the location secret!! I assume your away from luton airspace! I as yet have not experienced the thermal effect. Must be a bit worrying first time around!!
  12. What will you do now???? did you land out ok!
  13. Will they be giving out free motors...!! Im struggling with finding the cash for one here!!!
  14. I look forward to this big time!! Just brought my membership yesterday so look forward to the free entry!!
  15. Well done Eddie! Glad you enjoyed what sounded like a great week!
  16. Whens the next one then!!
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