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  1. It appears to me that some 'die hard' bhpa members are not up for change within the sport. Others, like the PMC, want to take the sport forward, making it more widely availiable and competitive whilst keeping it safe and possibly making it even safer. In my eyes it can only be a good thing having more options to look at when it comes to paramotor training and at the same time knowing that, whatever route an individual takes, he or she will be competent and can only be a better pilot for it. The bhpa members you are speaking to leo are of course giving you there opinions. It maybe similar to a few months ago when i posted a comment asking what wing is best. I got a variety of replies all stating that the wing they used was the best but then of course they would otherwise they wouldnt be using it in the first place! There will though come a time where you and only you can make the decision. Im sure whatever way you choose though will be right for you.
  2. It must be great having the time!! Great shots alan and some cracking views
  3. Nice pics alan... Looks like it was a nice flyable day aswell!
  4. Oh yes, dont you worry about that! Thats a certainty!
  5. Intresting spot Dan! It sure looks like summing is under there!
  6. This is an intresting idea simon and one which i would be intrested in. Will this link up in anyway with the PMC training numbers we are to be issued with soon?
  7. Was this on Top Gear when they raced hammond in his audi?
  8. Thats a nice pic Nick. Is that over westmill?
  9. I see that the magic number has been reached!!!
  10. £30 for a yearly subscription and it comes every 2 months
  11. Yeaj we will post on here with any future flying dates! See you soon
  12. Yeah it was an eye opener all right!!!!
  13. Simon I am O2 and everytime i have been up there i have had no problems at all with making or recieveing calls! Same with emails
  14. Yep mine came yesterday!! I wondered what that dvd was but as you say it was very intresting seeing how they test!
  15. Welcome back simon! I am off for a weekend away in 2 weeks and then will be back to do the few bits i need to finish!!
  16. Hello mate Outkast (dave) is from out harlow way and we regularly meet up westmill farm in herts. If you message him im sure he will know how far you are from hime etc? Welcome along
  17. Ok thats great!! Its gonna be a good year dave!!!!
  18. I agree dan, These are some cracking pics mate
  19. Thats great news Dave!!! I bet it feels great now its running as i guess you might of been getting a bit worried?
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