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  1. I made some new studs for mine and got a longer bolt. The old studs came out easy enough- a bit of emery cloth on wrapped round them and pliers did it. Now it will fit any thicker prop. (Which are Norma cheaper.
  2. I do the same as Andy, hot or cold, I find 13 - 15 full squeezes on the throttle, after I’ve done the primer bulb thing, and it start fine. I tend to keep my throttle half open when I pull start and release when it fires up. When I first got it, it was a bit of a bitch working it out, but now it’s great, very reliable.
  3. Cas!!!! Was this you just now?? Hmm how do I add a photo?
  4. Fly over and give me a wave gu7 2rh - just to piss me off, I'll look out for you all. (Although I'm supposed to be in a meeting)
  5. The Harness. Day 2 or should I say morning 2. Money has now changed hands, which is not an easy thing, I think I must have both Scottish and Yorkshire blood in me, it's now time to get down to it and crack this bugger. Today I arrived at Membury in my van - it seams you either have to have a van or posh car to Paramotor, l'm lucky enough to have an old van so could already be mistaken as a pro. Now I'm an expert at flying the mini wing it's onto the bigger boy and the harness. Simon gives me a wing and harness and onto the wet field (yup it has been raining). Trudging out onto
  6. Bazza1111

    The start

    the first stages For me learning to fly was always something I had wanted to do, but I never had the money or brains (so I thought) to do it. During my twenties and thirties I dabbled in a number of sports from climbing in my younger years then progressing on to mountaineering as my skills progressed and later moving into the caving and windsurfing scenes. Then, as the grey hairs inevitably muscled there way through and the 'dad bod' started to form it was time to find a new hobby. For me the logical step was to look back into flying. The start for everything now is the I
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