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  1. Jacoolw

    Tornado 280 paramotor engine from Air Conception

    I ordered 3 weeks ago and they had one ready to go in 1 weeks time! It is somewhere between France and New Zealand at the moment, hopefully I'll have it next week.
  2. Jacoolw

    Eprop on Bailey v5 (Parajet Zenith)

    thanks for your help 😀
  3. Jacoolw

    Eprop on Bailey v5 (Parajet Zenith)

    Have you done this before? How did you get the studs out? they are smooth.It also look like the thread is bigger than the usual M5 thread.
  4. Jacoolw

    Eprop on Bailey v5 (Parajet Zenith)

    where can I buy them?
  5. I ordered a eprop for my Zenith with Bailey v5 but it does not fit. The studs and bolt is too short, the eprop has a thicker base, maybe 0.5 to 1cm thicker than the standard parajet 130cm prop. Anyone else here using a eprop on a bailey v5, did it fit, or did you fit longer studs and bolt? They said I can return the prop and they will send one with the correct base, but I'm in NZ so it will take weeks before I can get a new one.
  6. Jacoolw

    Tornado 280 paramotor engine from Air Conception

    I ordered mine with the clutch for these reasons.
  7. Jacoolw

    Bailey v5 oil filter

    thank you, I can get them locally 😀
  8. Jacoolw

    Bailey v5 oil filter

    Can anyone tell me the make/size of the oil filter used in the Bailey v5? In the manual it says "Pleated paper (order from Bailey Aviation)"😑
  9. Jacoolw

    Air Conception Nitro 200 or Tornado 280

    I ordered the Tornado, the price difference between the Nitro and Tornado is so small that it does not make sense to go for the Nitro. The only possible negative aspect is the fuel consumption but I'm keeping my Zenith with Bailey v5 for cross country flights.
  10. the main problem is the upright bars that connects to the swing arms of the zenith, they are to short, so there is nothing that holds the seat up so that you can sit in it.
  11. I can confirm that the Zenith is not compatible with the Airone trike.
  12. Jacoolw

    Best Frame/Motor for Travelling

    Parajet Zenith brakes down into a small size and you can remove the fuel tank easily. I got it for this reason, but it is a pain to put it all together every time you want to fly.
  13. Is it still worth getting a Nitro 200 instead of the Tornado? I can get a demo Nitro 200 now for 20% discount. Or do I order a Tornado and wait 8 weeks? (I weigh 82kg \ 180 lb and have intermediate skill)
  14. Jacoolw

    Tornado 280 paramotor engine from Air Conception

    what is the fuel consumption? someone said 7.5l/hour ?, hopefully this is false.
  15. My Bailey v5 started "juddering". I was convinced it was the belt slipping, but I tightened it event more than recommended and it is still juddering. It happens randomly at different revs. It will "judder" between 1 and 5 times and then run fine for a while, then judder again. It does not feel like it affect thrust and the motor runs smoothly otherwise. Have anyone experienced this?