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Day 2 ; The Harness!




The Harness. Day 2 or should I say morning 2.

 Money has now changed hands, which is not an easy thing, I think I must have both Scottish and Yorkshire blood in me, it's now time to get down to it and crack this bugger.

Today I arrived at Membury in my van - it seams you either have to have a van or posh car to Paramotor, l'm lucky enough to have an old van so could already be mistaken as a pro.

Now I'm an expert at flying the mini wing it's onto the bigger boy and the harness. Simon gives me a wing and harness and onto the wet field (yup it has been raining). Trudging out onto the field I head up wind and layout the wing confident in my new found skills. It's then that Colin strides over and points out my rookie mistake - I should be down wind! Doh! Pack up and its across the field again.

With the wing laying out I'm introduced to the harness and wing. Risers, A lines, b lines, c lines, d lines, brakes, trim, the dot or graphic in the middle of the wing, the tips of the wing and the luvres! What the hell! I'm a teacher and I never set that many lines! I'm reassured it's actually quite simple and I only need to focus on the A lines and the brakes.


My first big wing flying is the reverse launch method. With the risers together (risers are the bits the strings attach to - I'm using the term strings as it annoys the pros) turn them over and clip into the carabiners on the harness. If you've managed that correctly when you let the risers dangle the brakes should be at the top. Grab the brakes, slowly walk back (into wind) and the wind should build a wall and the all important A lines present themselves! To my surprise this worked! Yey. Next arms outstretched, wrist together and slowly bring your arms up to eye level while stepping back, then BOOM the wing was up!! Bloody hell, now what! So, easy, if the wing dips to the left pull on the left brake and vise versa. Hmmm easier said than done - pull the wrong brake and the world falls down around you (which happens a lot if you are like me!).

Now it's just practice, practice, practice. - until the rain came in the afternoon :(


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