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Ozone Roadster 2 details


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Why on earth would you be putting the Viper 3 and the roadster 2 together?? Why would you be test flying the roadster two and viper 3 they are completely different ends of the spectrum.. The viper 3 is for experienced and comp pilots only!! know where does it say intermediate. The Viper 3 is uncertified and should only be flown by competent pilots with a solid PG background....

I would like to know how long you have been flying dede and why you wanted a roadster 2 ENb and your reasons for buying a High end Comp wing.

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I never said you should compare the two, they are like apple and oranges.

I just wanted to share what happened to me with a smile. Sorry for the confusion.

Went in to test the two wings as I am constantly demo fly new stuff, I knew I was not going to buy the Roadster 2 anyway.

It just happened that I liked the viper 3 a lot and bought it.

Is it for advanced pilots? Yes.

Is it for competitions only? Not at all. If you are an advanced pilot who likes to go XC it will be a dream wing to fly ;)

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It is for Experienced pilots and comp pilots only

I never said it was for competition only.... But you do have to have a strong background in PG to manage this wing in thermic conditions IE have good active piloting skills..

The Viper 3 is a dream to fly and is probably the most efficient PPG on the market to date. The climb rate from this wing is unreal and played a huge part in my world time to climb record recently.. I thought you had gone to buy a roadster 2 and had a go on a Viper 3 and bought it.... :oops:

I know if one of my customers came to me to buy a R2 I would not offer him a go on one of our demo Viper 3's...

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Yes morgy, no one aiming for a Roadster 2 should get a viper 3, sorry again if it sounded like that was the case ;)

Actually, in my opinion there could be a third type of pilot who can enjoy the viper 3: an intermediate pilot with a few years of PPG who likes to go XC in the quieter times of the day, which is what 99% of pilots do here anyway, meaning early in the morning or late in the afternoon, without turbulence or strong winds and no thermic conditions.

In that case one can enjoy all the advantages of the wing without being too worried of the high aspect ratio or behavior in turbulent conditions. I know for example that most of my flights will be like that, with the occasional thermic flight when I am late or early. I should be fine with a few years of PG background.

In my test I was really impressed by the numbers besides agility: I normally get level flight at 6900 rpm with my miniplane and a 26 free flight wing. With the viper 20 I had level flight at 5900 rpm, 6900 trims out (55 kph) and 7500 rpm at full trim + full speed (68 kph). That means I still have 2000 rpm to use at max speed. On a miniplane and a 20sqm size! Amazing.

I was waiting to see if a Speedster 2 was coming out, but I had a chat with Emilia Plak and for what I undrstood there were no plans anytime soon for that because the Roadster 2 is as fast as the speedster is but with a much better glide.

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I had a chat with Emilia Plak and for what I undrstood there were no plans anytime soon for that because the Roadster 2 is as fast as the speedster is but with a much better glide.

If true it would suggest that the Roadster 2 is a defacto replacement for the Speedster. After all, why would anyone buy a Speedster if the Roadster 2 was as fast as, more efficient than (glide ratio) and safer than (ENB vs ENC) the Speedster?

Having said that, if the sharknose and other technologies can make a beginner wing as fast as, and in some respects, better than an intermediate/advanced wing, as claimed, then it would be crazy not to apply the same technologies to the Speedster. Wouldn't that make the Speedster pretty much unbeatable?

Does anyone, not connected with Ozone, have independent data to confirm this speed and glide claim?

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No sensible glide info until the still summer evenings, but the few flights I've had so far with the R2 and Garmin 96 tracks suggest 7.0:1 ish (engine off) at slow trim setting. I used to fly an Ozone Delta pg wing under power with the same paramotor which averaged 7.5:1 for comparison purposes. I would need to run many more square pattern flight tests next year to be certain of 7.0, or thereabouts.


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Hi sergeant

1 your instructor/dealer should have explained all about the trimmers on your new wing...

The White line is mainly used for Take off (newbie setting) :wink:

Nil wind as a new pilot you should be trimming fully in for landing ..

in windier conditions i would leave on the white line..

When you have more experience and you Nailing ALL your landings i always advise landing on FULL fast "depending on the wing" some you cant use brakes on full fast...

The Ground rush is ALLOT faster :lol: But in full fast config you have more flare authority and in those hot nil wind variable conditions coming in on full fast can make all the difference when miss judging the wind direction..

I use full fast on ALL my wing Inc my slalom 16m...

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Great little video, and well done for lots of educational points for next time :)

I guess you got to about 1500 feet looking at the size of the traffic on the roads.

I wear gloves for a lot of the year, only going bare handed when it's warm, don't like cold hands :(

I actually have 3 different weights of glove, the lightest are actually some faux leather workgloves, such as you might find in a garden centre.



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Newb question: I'm newly qualified and have ordered a R2 on the advice of my instructor and after reading a lot of reviews. I have ordered a 26 as my instructor advised that these wings fly better loaded up with the obvious trade off in glide perf. I am 85kg so my AUW with the motor (yet to be purchased but closing in on a Bailey 4V 200) will be hitting the top bracket of the 26 at around 125kg. It's probably not too late to change to a 28. Any owners have thoughts / advice?

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They are making some ground in the UK but are nowhere near as popular here than the Dudek and Paramania wings.

Ozone represents a massive proportion of the Paragliding winds here but only a small percentage of PPG so far.


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So I'm now on my 7th flight with the Roadster 2 - at this time, no issues, collapses, tucks or anything untoward - my only comment as a newbie would be that despite always opening the trimmers fully once in flight, I always struggle to catchup with anyone else - I guess its because of the solid/stable and lifty design of this wind, having said that I am yet to test out the speed-bar which I assume will notch me up some additional MPH.

In wind the other night, heading into the wind I managed to hit around 15mph, heading downwind I hit 43mph!

I uninstalled the speed-bar initially during my training to avoid adding elements of complexity but will get it setup and do some testing to see how much of a difference it makes.

What wing are the other pilots using? are they more experienced than you?

As a beginner you will or should be nicely placed in the weight range so will not be as fast as an experienced pilot on a more advanced wing.

What is your all up weight and what size R2 are you on?

Speed is not the be all and end all of PPG flying.. lets face it if your flying with more experienced pilots they should be slowing down for you and not leaving you way behind, I know when we take out New Low airtime pilots on an XC we have the lead and one behind incase the newbie has an issue and also so he doesn't get lost!!!

In my experience generally the fastest wings are normally the Dudek brand, But Ozone are more efficient.. I still have to test the Hadron XX VS the Viper 3...

The R2 and the New lightweight Spyder are super easy to inflate have a great trim range 50-60kph is a good ave speed and not that far off some top end wings.. I only get Ave75kph @ 120kg on my 16m slalom!

Ozone may not be the Market leaders in the PPG market in the UK but they are The leaders in PG and PPG wing technology at the moment, Everyone is going over to Shark nose tech...

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There's a bland review of the R2 in the latest free aero mag. Nothing to enlighten anyone except a statement that the top speed is in excess of 53kph. Now, it's a free mag so not too much criticism is justified, but I get average top speeds over 60kph. Perhaps not 63kph on the 28 at 145kg, as I was thinking it could be a typo.


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