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Result - permission to use Halfpenny Green

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I've been looking for somewhere to fly from in the vicinity of Dudley, during the periods I am in the UK.

I thought I'd go and ask if anyone knew of local PPG activity at the nearest GA/microlight airfield, which happens to be Wolverhampton/Halfpenny Green EGBO.

I was directed to the tower and after a very amiable chat, particularly with knowledge that I was on radio, they said yes :D:D

It will of course be dependant on traffic levels, today being a bank holiday weekend it was busy. I'll have to brush up on my RT before the next visit with kit.

Cheers, Alan

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I've had my first flight from Halfpenny Green this afternoon. Chuffed to bits.

It took rather longer to get set up as I had to have a briefing in the tower (only polite apart from the safety aspects), gain vehicular access to the taxiways and still walk a bit of a way to the set up area.

However the chaps in the tower could not have been more accommodating, they were even willing to work me into the proceedings if I had been non-radio. Being avec radio made things much easier all around.

There wasn't much traffic, unlike yesterday which was very busy being a Sunday. I had a great take off which unbeknown to me was witnessed by a few of the technicians in the local heli operations.

The visibility was just about about OK but there were a lot of fires about so it was quite smoky in the air. Had 40 minutes getting to know the local area then came back to the airport at low level to find an audience. The techies were all waiting for my return to see the fun.

I suppose it was patently obvious that with the presence of said audience it wouldn't be my best landing, but just went down onto my knees once touched down.

The only downside was having to pay the microlight landing fee of £7, but that is a day rate, so on a better day more use can be maid of the facilities.

Did I say I was chuffed to bits? Alan

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Thanks for the praise Chilly, I had my second flight from Halfpenny Green this afternoon.

Just the right breeze for an easy forward launch, photographs and a video taking place as well.

On my visit to the tower afterwards I was told that a monthly news letter is published from Halfpenny Green and they are always looking for 'new' things to include, so it might be me.

Conditions were described as 10k vis but murky, not a bad description :|

Anyway I left the airport at low level and didn't climb much above 500 feet. Lovely countryside below me with quite a few impressive houses dotted about.

I flew the back of Kinver Edge then turned around and flew over Kinver on the return leg.

I announced my approach to Halfpenny Green and the tower even held up a flexwing that was waiting to take off, though it wasn't really necessary as I landed on the west grass just by the tower.

Another enjoyable flight, mind I was very well 'wrapped' against the conditions.

Whoo hoo............Alan

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Now I have asked the question - doh - I can fly from Halfpenny Green in the evenings, at no charge.

I don't know why I didn't ask before, but it's just an unlicensed airstrip when shut in the evenings.

I just have to lift the kit over the car park fence :lol:

The most direct route is only 8 miles, so I'm I shall be making the most of it next week with the light winds :acro:

Cheers, Alan

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No worries, I had a good flight.

Strangely once I'd landed and packed up the police helicopter came over and did a low pass, then hovered very low above the infield as if he was looking for or checking something.

I did wonder if someone had possibly telephoned about a 'glider going down', so I called out on the halfpenny green frequency but got no reply.

Thursday is looking good for the next outing :)

Cheers, Alan

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Another great flight last night from Halfpenny Green.

A couple of flexwings also using the airport after hours but I didn't see or hear any other traffic once I'd taken off.

Flew over to the River Severn then followed a train on the Severn Valley Railway up into Bridgenorth. Did a full circle of Bridgenorth and then back to the airport, giving blind RT calls when close to the airport.

I was the only one in the air and Halfpenny Green was totally deserted when I got there, so a foot drag in both directions on the grass runway was called for (naughty :lol: ).

Certainly recharged the urge to fly :mrgreen:



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