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  1. Marshals get to spectate for free, and really close up. if you know what I mean You can register any interest at http://www.wmpc2016.com
  2. Chilly


  3. From a recent visit to the Vittorazi Factory, we were given the following settings for the Moster Engines. Vittorazi Moster Plus with a 13 rib Optibelt - 430-450Hz no lower than 370Hz and 500Hz would be very bad! Vittorazi Moster Classic and Silent with a Gates 15 rib belt 450-470Hz plus or minus 60/70 A good iPhone app is Tension2Go, seems to work pretty well. I recently fitted a new belt to my Moster using the weight method and then checked the frequency with the app. It was pretty accurate but do the check a few times. Chilly.
  4. Certainly in the school we only use wood. Yes the new ones are lighter and cheaper and less dangerous if they break. Carbon easier to transport as they split and are shorter, but otherwise I Prefer the new wood laminate props. Again its down the individual prop. There are bad and good ones wood and carbon. Use the one recommend by your manufacturer as they wouldnhave tested loads!
  5. If you fancy a trip to either Cromer or near Holbeach, thats where I Train Chilly
  6. Just look at the airmass we are flying in compared to the airmass that paragliders mostly fly in. Stable vs unstable. That will account for a lot. Also, we tend to fly further apart cause we can
  7. Great Idea, but in the meantime, try taking along a copy of XC-Mag with pictures of Paramotors etc - "A picture paints a thousand words" and offer to demonstrate a launch.
  8. Yes, as others have said, bungee is best 8-12mm will be fine, I currently use 10mm on a Bulldog.
  9. Try Tony Gibson from South Africa Simon, they launch from 5000ft amsl.
  10. I owned a 1250 top 80 for many years circa over 800 hours on it. Firstly on a low hang point machine, you will not want the prop anywhere upright in a static hang test. If you do this, when you are under power the top pf the cage will be pushing on your risers and you won't get into the seat. You will need a 25-30 degree hang back at static, so when under power flying level, the prop will be close to upright. The holes in the arms are a guide, when I was around 70kg I was flying in the second or third hole from the back. Hope this helps.
  11. I'll be there, and I have entered it on the PPG Events Calendar https://calendar.google.com/calendar/em ... ope/London
  12. I saw a gentle power launch on one in las candelas and the cage flexed so much the netting was caught by the prop. On a subsequent flight both the bottom plastic spigots broke on the cage which could have been nasty. The Nitro engine has both the low and high jets sealed on the carb. The engine I saw seemed to be running very lean with a white plug and smelled very hot with no adjustment the owner could have done without voiding warranty. The throttle pick up was bad and lead to a few failed launches due to this.
  13. Will this PMC app still be live after? I still find it handy when using mobile phone.
  14. Hi Dave, Side mount is no problem with a suitable container. Whatever position you choose, it is very important that it is installed correctly with the correct length Y bridle and the routing does not interfere with any future deployment. Mine is side mount on the left, but I do think front mount is the best place for all of them. Some people find that it bangs against your legs when launching, so I usually advise to clip it up higher for launch then once airborne re-position it. I went side mount only due to competition flying where a map board needed to be on my lap etc. Be careful of f
  15. Its getting late and I have to sleep but very quickly, the Nucleon XX (from my point of view) is like a blending of the Plasma and the Nucleon, but better! Slower than the WRC size for size, but you'd go down in size anyway for the correct weight range. I flew a 29 WRC, but now fly a 24 XX with better glide, and about the same speed as the 29 WRC. Very agile, especially on full fast trim with the light touch tip steering. Launches very easy on full slow, as you'd expect. The sharknose profile makes the whole wing feel more pressurised and solid. I'd look to be in the middle of the weight
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