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"Nosedive 100" My home built paramotor. Version 2.0


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I've had a cheap radne and unknown older rig for my first paramotor then got a Nirvana Colibri and over time I learned what I wanted and wasn't completely satisfied even though the Nirvana is an awesome paramotor with a great and slimmed design and well thought functions. So I started sketching and thought about building my own as I'm a welder and also had some school work in CAD so it started there.

I'm interested in Acro and flying small race gliders and I'm a light weight pilot(65kg) so the engine needed to have a low center of gravity and be mounted as close as possible to me. The Vittorazi Easy 100 seemed like the right one so started the designing from that one. When I got my Nirvana sold I started to build the frame and see how it was coming along before buying the engine and harness. I also made the net myself learning it from youtube.

Been working on it for a few months and now I'm just waiting for the propeller. Coming more pics when it's completed.





I removed this button and convertid it just like the carbs on Nirvana.






The arms are forged from iron to withstand the forces from hard flying and twists, a bit heavier but definitely worth it.


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I wish that I had a garage, then I wouldn't have to dig out my tools and equipment underneath the snow :mrgreen:

The welding was done at a real workshop though where I could borrow a solid flat workbench and an AC/DC-TIG, but the most of the other things has been done under the blue sky in my backyard.

Making the net, it's actually easy and so much cheaper then buying it and you can also get whatever color you want and I thought red would look nice with the green and also match the red on the harness and the engine.


Dry weight with reserve but without prop, tank and electronics was 24,8kg so I guess it will be around 27-28kg complete. I haven't thought anything about making it light, and the swing arms are made from forged iron so they weigh almost a kilo alone. But I think that anything under 30kg is good with reserve, battery and electric starter.


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Finally got a propeller!

Ordered one for almost three months ago I've been waiting and struggling and never got what I ordered. Ordered a Helix but after some misunderstandings on the way between the dealers I got a wooden prop but thought okay it's a prop at least and I can finally fly(after 1,5 months) and it's cheaper and I can keep it as a spare. But it was broken in the transport, cracked right through 1dm from the tip. Contacted DHL and Vittorazi which been ordered to send it to me directly by my local dealers dealer, I contacted my dealer and thought it was sorted and the dealer told me a new Helix was on it's way. A month later I asked for the shipping number so I could track it and see if it was lost or waiting somewhere, guess what... I got a printscreen on the ship log from the first broken propeller with the message "you should have it by now".

A few mails later I gave them one week to deliver, no answer so after a week I told them not straight but between the lines to go f' them self's and pulled out of the deal.

So I got a new Nirvana prop instead from a friend which seems to work really good. And it could be better with the "N" which also stands for "Nosedive" :wink:

I've been test running it today and it works well and I will fly it as soon as I can.


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Nice one! :-)

Hard to tell from the pics, but what sort of gap do you have from your head/ spark plug and the petrol tank?

It looks awfully close in that pic.


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You simply bypass the air pulse pump membrane which can get damaged if primed with a bulb on the fuel hose without pushing the pop of valve.


Needs some tweaking with the balance, and the prop was a bit steep so need to get an other one and to bad cause it was nice :(

Couldn't get the engine up in revs so barely climbed on full throttle, that may also be the cause of "heavy" torque steer. I'm used to a Nirvana Colibri with no torque steer at all so don't know if it's much though.



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How are you liking the SupAir harness? Can you put the reserve on either side? Also, looks like they have speed bar pullys in the back portion on the seat.


Haven't flown it much as I just got the right propeller, and not been able to fly with that one yet. But from the 40min I got with it from the first test flight I think it's good. You can put the reserve on either side and you got two pulleys one in front and an other set higher up at the back.

I'm looking at building a new cage though, now as I tested what worked and what needs some mods. It works but if it can be made better I feel the urge to do so. I don't really need to take it down in such small pieces for transporting so will be looking at two cage halves and higher joints for the swingarms, so my current inspiration is like a mix of the miniplane frame with the skyrunner cage.

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I've been very busy this summer and autumn so not much time for this but soon it will be ready to fly I hope.

Version 2.0

The main differences is the swing arms, I took after the new technology which I wasn't so aware of before I tried my first build. The pivot point is in line with the center of the trust(in line with the prop center). On my first design the arms where pushed upwards when throttling, and if stoppers where used it torque steered quite heavy. So on this one I looked at miniplane and others with the "new" swingarm design with the pivot point and the carbines offset.

The cage is only two parts for fast and easy set up, inspired by the Skyrunner.




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Did my first test flight yesterday with the new design and I can only say wow. Hugh difference, few small details I could fix but overall it flew great. Almost no torque steer at all, no tilt shifting and getting into the harness easy without kicking or using hands.

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