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uk flying power line mishap

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ukppg fly in at the weekend, he jumped down from there and was taken to hospital, burn on hands and leg but otherwise fine, motor was ok but the wing got trashed, he saw the lines at the last minute and tried to hit the throttle, as he hit the lines and his wing wrapped around them he was still holding full throttle witch blended the wing, it was a GTR.

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I'd say the the guy in the second clip was 'blinded' by his camera... Too much focused on the chase cam to actually think about flying, and not being aware of the risks.

The guy at ukppg event, had only just turned up.

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I'd be curious to know about costs from the electric company, surely they will bill him for it, also even if he had third party insurance would they find a way to wriggle out of paying on the grounds that it was an avoidable accident, ie he should have been more careful to assess obstacles?


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At a guess, IF he was insured that the insurance company will try to slope it off towards the event organiser, if they are not insured or have an insurance company (loss adjuster) I expect it will end up with the land owner...

One thing is for sure, someone / someone's insurance will be paying.


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I'm certain that the pilots insurance won't pay up for this.

The accident would have been avoidable if a proper accessment was made by the pilot.

Arguable if the event organisers insurance would pay up either- was a site briefing done, were hazzards outlined to pilots upfront?

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