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Volution Cage Parts


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In the need of some Parajet Volution Mk 1 cage bits!!

Checked the prop & cage and there is only 2-3 cm gap on the lower left and about 10 cm on the top right. The frame is straight – you can see with the shape of the cage.

Most grateful if you can PM

Many thanks Guys


I had a similar thing on my old Volution 1, took it to Parajet at the time but they reckoned it was within spec. It certainly never caused any problems.

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I think I have been flying a few times like it is, but I've just put on a set of new props and the last thing I want to do is break a tip again :roll:

I did email 'good old Parajet - in a nice way that is' Tom at Parajet and he asked me to send some photos down and they will check it out.

But they haven’t any older ones lying around so it would be new ones.

It is an old looking machine so I’m not proud – might need some bending in the right direction to widen the gap :)


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