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2013 NEW Team proposal - Chilly


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As a BPCC (British Paramotor Competitions Committee) panel member, I have been exploring ways of making the British paramotor competitions more inclusive and more fun for 2013.

There may be those of you who do not wish to compete against the same elite few, who dominate the top positions year in year out. I also do not see that it is fair that these same top individuals form teams and obviously take these prizes too!

For some, there may be certain tasks that you are not comfortable with or you may be new to the sport but find the whole idea of competition a daunting prospect.

I wanted to address some of the above issues and also bring more "Fun" factor back to the 2013 competition, and create more winners.

My proposal for this year is to separate individuals and teams, and in effect run both of these side by side as separate competitions. This means that you would register either as an individual, OR as a member of a team, but you would NOT be able to enter into both.

The individual competition would run pretty much as it does now, with individuals competing against each other and the team competition would use the scores from the top 3 pilots in each team to provide a team score.

There would be separate first, second and third prizes for individuals and teams, with each winning team member being awarded a medal.

This team proposal will help to create more camaraderie between team members and give an opportunity for local clubs around the country to compete against each other, whilst at the same time making British competition more fun and inclusive to all, including newcomers and is an automatic inter-team “buddy buddy” system.

There would be a maximum team size of 6 members, but nothing to stop clubs entering 2 teams if they like.

With the top 3 pilots in a team scoring for each task, team members not comfortable with certain tasks, do not have to fly them and this does not affect the rest of the team. This helps those that are not comfortable with low level slalom tasks, or do not like flying when its thermic on economy tasks for example.

With 3 more prizes up for grabs, this system would promote "more winners".

So in summary, this proposal creates “More Winners”, makes competition more “Fun” and more “Inclusive” to all.

As prospective competing pilots, I'd love to hear your opinion on this proposal, so please post your comments up. I'd like to bring this in and trial it, but not if it’s totally against public opinion. The decision will be made soon.

I'm happy to answer any questions, so fire away :)


BPCC Panel member


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I dont know if it is too late to perhaps consider a change in the format, but we were discussing this earlier after flying and thought it sounded workable.

For the purpose of this illustration I will suggest that the normal competion pilots i.e. top 10 or so I refer to as pro's and everyone else as amatures.

I think it will be expected that all the pro's will continue to compete in the individual event as they have always done. But I also think that some of them might like to take part in a team event, however it would be a little unfair if all the pro's joined together to form a Pro team as it would just put everyone elso off.

So we were wondering would it be possible to allow 1 pro member to enter into each team if they wanted to. this would still mean that there would be five amatures in the team and because the results would be a team score it should not affect the overall result. It would also mean that for those team members who had never competed before would have a coach as to the rules / regulations / procedures etc. And it might serve as a good person to gain that much desiered knowledge from.

I can see how it would benefit a team and I cant really think of any downsides. Am I missing something or do we think it cold be extended to allow something like this?

Just my 2p worth, not intending to play down any work you have done on this so far.

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For the individual events why not have 3 or 4 classes of ascending ability, covering the same course. If you win your class you automatically go up to the next class for the next event, thus making room for lesser experienced to 'win' the class next time around.

It also makes sure that there is a fair grading system with everyone ending up in the group they constantly place highly in or compete with people from whom they can learn things. One year you might win 'beginners' next year you might be highly placed in 'advanced' etc..

Just a thought..

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