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Isle of wight beach run

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Nice video footage.

Couldn't help thinking that if one of your engines packed in, what a pain in the arse it would be to retrieve it. The thought of hauling a paramotor up one of those cliffs is making me sweat just sat here :|

Nice to see a break in the weather for you :)



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I have never given it a thought about carrying it up the Cliff's. The V5 has been so reliable so far. We always use Agama's when flying over the water..

For those of you on Facebook look us up


I am now on the 26m Speedster as the weather is not playing ball for any record attempt and I am loving the extra speed!!! :D all the footage above was done without Speedbar and close to 60 km/h

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What a great flight.

That was my second run. The first was on full bar and I was going like a bullet!

The Bailey gives such smooth throttle response, low flying is a real pleasure.

That's what mates are for :D

From Morgy I'd buy (nearly) any motor :D

Make sure it sparkles! :twisted:


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Yes it was filmed from luke Go Pro 2 not sure what setting he had on it.. All the photos were taken of my old go pro strapped to my head.

All the time we were on full trim tip's and brakes!!! :wink:

We would normally do it on full trim and bar BUT i had played around with a new Speedbar set up and was not 100% so didn't use it... Next time !! :lol:

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