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Bummer, bummer, bummer


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Just when i was getting complacent (always a big mistake), bent down to pick up the cat, and bang went my back.

Now im stuck in bed with my project at any one time to get to the John without collapsing in agony.

Looks like PPg is out for the next few weeks :(

Still, looking on the bright side, I am getting waited on hand and foot.

Any suggestions to cut down recovery time very welcome


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Hey Poz

Have you looked into acupuncture.... I had a neck spasm a few years back lifting a gearbox could not turn my head at all after one session it was 100% Had to go back for another two sessions as it slowly got worse... fine after 3 sessions

Get well soon :wink:

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Find a good osteopath and let him free it up.

Listen very carefully to what exercises he recommends and

get into the habit of doing these even when you feel better to ward off

the damage happening again.

Look very carefully at your chair at the office in your home and in the car.

Find a picture of good seating posture and get booster cushions or whatever

to get you into that position. (same with bed).

It took me 3 years to realise my new dfs chair was too low for a leggy 6 footer

and every time I climbed over a fence or similar I was crippled.

2 booster cushions fixed it for me. My back is now brilliant.

Hope that helps.

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This is going to sound really strange, but I've just read my post and weirdly enough, it was like reading it for the first time. I seriously have no recollection of writing this post.

I do have to admit that at the time I had about 30mg of valium circulating around me to try to release the spasm that was preventing me getting to the loo to take a sh*t.

I lost at at least a couple of days. My head is still a fuzzy mess, but the spasm has gone and I can move around, all be it like a seventy year old.

I have to admit to being a little uncomfortable about doing and saying things that I can't remember. I wonder what else I did/say. The mind boggles.

Reckon it's going to be another couple of weeks before I can get airborne again.

Listen guys, thanks very much for all the advice. As a few have said, there seems to be no substitute for time and rest. Luckily it's blowinn' a hooley out there.



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Hi Poz,

Sorry to hear about your back mate, I'm grounded as well at the moment so I'll think of you and you can think of me. Give me a call on skype if you fancy.

About your back: Educate yourself to not bend and twist at the same time.

When I had back problems some while ago I found an excellent chiropractor, if you can find one they can really make a difference.

I have just come out of hospital after a weeks stay, a bit of keyhole surgery to remove a pesky 'grande polyp' of 5cm that couldn't be removed by the more natural exit ;-)

Surgeon says 2 weeks lay off so middle of April for me, itching to give the modified wing more of a good testing.

Hope you're improving,


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dont worry mate, I am sure you are not the first bloke to put his back out over a bit of pussy :D:D

well someone had to say it :D

Arff arff arff :D

Thanks Alan. Hope you get sorted asap.

There's nothing makes something that extra bit appealing as when you know you can't have it..... paramotoring as well :wink:

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