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24 and 25 sept


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You guy's are more than welcome to come down to Hambrook to visit and fly... I will be around friday... So i can be recovery driver for those of you who fly smokey old 2 strokes :lol:

It's also looking less windy down here according to the RASP and should be super smooth by the coast!!!

Also i am sure seymor wouldn't mind you all flying from his or poss a cross country from here to there...

Just a thought

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perfect a 3 day event.....

Dam shame i have no cap other wise i would be there :evil:


I have two or 3 spare caps here, I dont know if they would fit but you are welcome to try them.

I am up for something at the weekend, I need to work one of the days so I just need to pick the day with the best weather.

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Mark you could try Tom or Ben Clewes, see if they want to fly, as they both have a second spare 15 litre tank for their Baileys

As for flying between Brighton and Beachey Head along the Cliffs, I would like to get a few people together for Sunday afternoon. The weather looks perfect. Takeoff from Newhaven

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Hi looks like i wont be there as i still can't get hold of a cap for my tank..... I have tried tom and ben. tom has sold his and is taking it up to the buyer this weekend. I have not heard back from ben....

Peter if you PM seymor i am sure he will give you his number so you can sort out a time and place to meet....

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It looks like I will be Flying Hambrook site this afternoon about 3 ish ( I may fly down from my place, and leave before 6 to get home)

Sunday still looks good for soaring the cliffs so looking at midday at Newhaven. Will try the Fort first and see if I can fly for a bit with paraglider only. Low tide is about 2.30 then strap on the engine and fly to Beachy head. Text or call 07875724540 if you want to join us.

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