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Paramotor height


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Hello,i was wondering how height we can get with paramotor.

I want to climp at 1600m height to pass a mountain(height of mountain 1200m).

Can i obtain this???Its OK for paramotor to travel in this height(1600m or heighier)???

Thanks a lot.

p.s. I have the Sky 100 with Nucleon wing.

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You don't want to stop at 1600m that's 4m short of a mile high!

5265 ft is what your aiming for :D

Yes, its perfectly possible to fly that high, and higher. And legal so long as you don't climb into any restricted airspace. Our local area has a 6500ft ceiling before we are in class A

Wrap up warm. Expect your motor to be a little sluggish at altitude. Don't fly in the clouds, that's where mountains hide. And take a Camera :D

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Hi all I fly a Fusion 26 and a Flymecc carbon pro whitch has a sky 100 cc motor and a 3 blade prop in it ,my all up weight is 120kg with out fule .

I manage to clime to 9115ft but started to notice the clime rate fall of at 7000ft.

Next time I will make it to 10,000ft. :)

Have fun and rap up warm .

Mark .

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Hi Rotor over mountain tops can be up to 2000 if a wind is blowing Have a plan and be careful I had a serious event once when I was flying my lightweight single seat microlight. I really thought I had made my last flight! I was just too low and the rotor which you cannot see gave me a real experience! A calm day would have been another kettle of fish.

I have 3000 hours flyight time and got caught out

Good luck


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