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  1. Talk to Alex at Skyschool he will know.
  2. Hi Russ Good luck with your new venture and your service before was very good.
  3. Skyschool do courses abroad and in the UK in the summer months so if you needed follow up instruction then its available in Wiltshire. I trained with Skyschool 10 years ago and kept my ground handling up to speed and did not need any follow up instruction. Skyschool also have loads of training videos out now so good to review when you cant fly or your launches are not perfect!
  4. ozee i have used them for 30 years both flexwing microlight and now paramotoring They do come up on ebay
  5. We had a local farmer who fired some firework rockets at a couple of pilots. He had a visit from the local police. We just don't fly over his farm anymore so not to wind him up.
  6. Hi I have set the trimmers so I get more feedback as I get use to the wing I will go back to no trimmers and see if it makes a difference.
  7. Thanks for the reply The float is not a problem it makes landing very easy just bleeding the speed off like flying an aircraft or microlight . But with my weight set up its great penetration
  8. I took delivery of a 24m Solo wing from Simon earlier in the Summer after having a test flight at Membury. I wanted a new wing that was easier to launch than my current Dudek WRC which is an excellent wing but design now 10 years + old. First impressions very light and easy to inflate but at first it felt no reaction to brake input on zero trim but that is because my WRC is that much heavier and slower to inflate. First few flights were reverse launches nice and simple but the wing does want to overtake you so a little brake and control required before turning. I just need to fine tune this. Take off itself very forgiving and with corrections comes back overhead very easily. In brisk winds its very easy to launch. In flight behaves nicely trims are easy to use and the tip steering is very efficient, if you like fast turns then you will like these. Landing, it just floats for ever my first landings were into fair breezes but the wing just penetrates even with no trim on. Final flare and touchdown very smooth and controlled. As I fly a Miniplane I found the brake toggles too high so I have moved them down to the middle position and that makes them much more comfortable to use. So after waiting for the weather to play ball I finally had the opportunity to try some forward launches. My first attempts in very light winds went well with no failed launches which I used to get with my previous wing which was heavier and as I am only 10 stone this did make a difference. The wing I felt was again very sensitive so I now set the trim to number 6 out of 12 this makes the 'feel' on launching much better for me. I then had the daunting task of an early morning flight with absolutely no wind and damp grass. I would have struggled before but as this was why I bought this wing now was the time to really test it. A really good lay out, tips pulled slightly in and my brain ready - I launched and the wing started to inflate smoothly and after a little taxi power to stabalise things applied full power and a lovely uneventful take off. I was very happy. To sum up I am very happy with the wing its light to ground handle, it inflates smoothly it is fast and manouverable if needed and it behaves impecably on landing. Overall I am very pleased with my new purchase.
  9. I have a paramotor with small cage which turns a 110cm prop on a top 80 It was built by Bailey for a female pilot they made two. I have since upgraded to a miniplane so this is now a spare which i might sell let me know if your interested and I will give you more details Thanks Hadders
  10. try david broom at airplay see post above he is you best bet he was the last uk dealer.
  11. Thanks for the replies I flew yesterday in a strong breeze and used more trimmer and the two stage technique ie a little brake then bleeding the speed off until a final flare It was all very controlled and when the wind increased I could bleed the speed of and touch down as the wing slowed and not even had to take a step. Just walked the wing then applied power for another practise. Great fun. However, I have ordered a new Solo so will ask Simon which technique is best for this wing. Stay safe Hadders
  12. Hi Guys What trimmer setting do you use for landings ( I have a reflex wing) I have been using neutral or just open a bit similar to take off but I am thinking a little more trim out will give me slightly more speed and control nearer the ground especially in conditions where the wind speed drops very close to the ground. A bit like using ground effect in a conventional aircraft/microlight. Thoughts please
  13. I believe that they have ceased trading as my friend was the UK dealer. He was an old guy that finally retired Trust of use.
  14. thanks cas Personal question whats your weight? just for comparison
  15. Hi, I am thinking of buying an Eos 100 engine, does anyone have experience of this engine. It seems to be light weight and high powered for its size and well made. Good and Bad answers please. Thanks
  16. thanks guys have cleaned in stages just with warm water and a sponge looks much better
  17. Hi guys What do you do to clean the muddy marks from your leading edges that have made the white material dirty just from flying in all seasons but i would like now to clean it up if possible. Thanks
  18. Hi I sent my harness back to The Loft last year for a major webbing repair. They did an excellent job.
  19. Yes this is the annual membership cost £90 which INCLUDES insurance cover.
  20. What about the BHPA they cover all types of flying for £90.00 pa. Cover is 5 million.
  21. Hi Simon Based in Canterbury Kent
  22. Hi Just looked at their site midlandparamotors.com and the props are £150.00 including shipping.
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