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Blimey! Thanks for posting that.

Courtesy of an online translator I have read (sort of!) Sandrines explanation for her crash and she was on neutral trim to give herself more manouverability in a trade off for full fast reflex stability and when she passed on the downwind side of the pylon the wing collapsed.

She said that the wing was trying to re-inflate but being that close to the ground there was no time. Full credit to her she was still praising the Nucleon and blaming the accident totally on herself.

Bruised but OK. Lucky!

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Prior to the tuck you can see she is pushing on the speed bar with fully extended legs (not recommended on neutral trim), then the wing climbs as soon as she releases the bar - but even with ninja reactions there is no time to recover from just a few feet above the ground. Reckon it would have needed at least 50-80 feet to recover from that size of accelerated collapse.

Glad to hear she walked away from such a hard impact.

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Good thing she wasn't hurt. Brand loyalty seems strong too, to blame it all on herself. Fairplay. Wonder how much pilot error it would require to make alot of other wings deflate like that ? Makes me think I might've been too close to the edge in my flying....or was I ?

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Suggest this was a thermic induced collapse.

When pilot flies past pylon first time, it's leaning in the other direction (gopro lense bending notwithstanding).

Wind changes in that time span pretty much scream thermic activity, and it was likely the first pass that induced the release.

Ouch either way.

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