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More great flying round the Wirral peninsular - 30/01/2011

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:lol: - Lucky I didn't have an engine failure or I might have been eaten, as I ended up with 4 or 5 dogs that kept following me half a mile down the beach, so I had to keep circling back to the owners.... The bloody things had tons of energy but probably got their best exercise of the year !
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Loving the soundtrack, coastal flying is hard to beat, need to concentrate on your 500ft rule though :wink:

Cheers Dan - I'm working on it inch by inch ! :oops:

We have to stay low due to airspace but there are miles of empty beach, marshland and mud flats (when tide is out) to do all our 'messing about' stuff well away from anyone or anything. We did one low pass for the bystanders who were waving and giving us the thumbs up, but stayed over the marsh area for total safety (I've seen all the comments on the other recent video).

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great vid......the guy at 7.06 I am sure ive seen him before I think he works for the caa :shock:

I got pulled a few weeks ago by the special branch he said that I was too low and I reckon I was close to 500ft just a friendly warning he said......he was parked in a lay by and followed me and as luck would have it ( for him).....I landed......thing is you never know whos who....but looks like you had great fun all the same

but has had an effect on my flying... :wink::wink:

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