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What do you listen to when flying?

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I'm just interested in what people listen to when in the air. I think it varies on how experienced you are and for what reasons you fly:-

1 Nothing

2 118.675

3 Local airfield freq

4 Local PG or PPG freq

5 Radio 4 ...

6 Radio 5 live footy

7 Radio 2 ...

8 MP3 Rock

9 MP3 Modern

10 MP3 mushy ...

I'm an avid fan of personal digital BBC Radio 5 and 6 for the footy and sports updates, but also like the blues and Jazz on BBC R5 and the comedy on R4 630pm. I do switch to the local airfield freq 123.000 when close.


ps - been flying since deregulation in 96 and only fly for fun 70-100hrs/year. (I do like moderately thermic air (ex-PGer)).

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The song that a well tuned Simonini 200 makes and the scoops of air taken by a big 130 prop. It's good for me. Coupled with looking around for other traffic, is enough to concentrate on. If I get bored I start some more radical maneuvers. Interesting answers to an interesting question. We're all different it seems

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I used to fly to the sound of my engine which I thought was good enough....but my mate always used to fly with the Eagles... :lol:

He forced me :shock: to fly with some earphones plugged in and his ipod clipped to my suit once just to try it.....and ever since then I find it odd to fly with out music I even go back to land if I have forgot the ipod now....I have a micro headset that switches from music to a radio transmission automatically if someone speaks....I also find my flying changes dramatically depending to the music I fly to

something nice and relaxing and I sit back and tack all the wonderfull scenery..... :)

something like heavy rock and I get a bit reckless :shock::acro:

so I stick the ipod to random play so I dont know whats going to happen :idea:

funny thing is I never listen to music at all when on the ground..... (am I just odd )


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Some of the best moments I've had flying were a result of great flying conditions and the right music coming out of the ipod.

If you're not listening to music I really think you're missing out on another dimension and if your so concerned about your engine that you need to focus on its sound all of the time, maybe you should consider a more reliable engine and free yourself!

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