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Tracey Tarr's Paramotor Mag comments.


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There are loads of Paramotor Clubs in the UK (our local one last met up on Sunday.)

Just the PMC alone have a load, the BHPA have a load and there are a load outside of both the PMC and the BHPA.

Most offer training, club nights if you want them, holidays, advice, and so on exactly as you suggested did not exist?

I for one am a little confused about your comments.

Or is it just me?

PS I am not ridiculing you... Just a little confused.

Maybe you don't look at this forum any more and will not see the message, which in it's self kind of won't help you to find clubs and people to fly with. :-)

The very best way to find and connect with like minded people is the Internet, No doubt.

Happy Copping.


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I have not read the paramotor mag for a while and i have not seen this comment/artical..... but isnt there a list of pilots in the uk on "cough cough" paramotorsuk web site... :) there are loads of forums for paramotoring+paragliding So i am sure if you need pepole to fly with then the internet is the place is it not.

Perhaps you need to start up and internet paradating site for single lonley pilots :coptor:

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I agree Si, I found plenty of places to go through the internet, especially when I was learning and in my first months, I went to many places and spoke to people, just hung around and listened to more experienced pilots chatting to glean as much info as I could, still do infact, if you are a student or a low airtime pilot you can do no better than listen and learn from those more experienced than you.

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I didn't read the piece your referencing, but I'm guessing from the above comments that she said there isn't much in the way of a club?

Tracey live's near to me, Luke, Matt, Gavin and Evan...(the pilots who fly most in the Carshalton/Epsom area of Surrey). I haven't been introduced to her yet, but I have seen her once in the air I think. I'll endeavour to get in touch with her and introduce myself...maybe welcome her into the crowd a bit more.

What exactly did she say? (Without you reprinting the entire article)


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Maybe it's just me and my neighbourhood then?!

It's been a struggle for me since day one to find a club or a group of people to fly with. In my early days of flying I would continuously call people and ask them when and where they were meeting, and I would never get a callback or an indication of where the next meet was. And nowadays, unless you trawl endlessly through forums to find out where a meet is happeneing, you don't know about it.

This is an honest-held perception guys, but perhaps it's just being inside the M25 and not close to an established flying site that makes it difficult!

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Hi Tracey

I used to live in woking and i always used to fly out of barry's field in guildford on a nice day there would be someone else there to fly with...

I now live in earnley chichester and have meet a guy who flies out of pullbrough so its not hard to meet other pilots !!

If you like you can pm me and we can arrange a fly as i am free most days as is my mate who owns the farm we fly out of....

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Hi Luke

Ditto that really. Anyone visiting the Southwest can drop in and meet us Devon pilots. Our local group are the Devon and Somerset Condors. Mainly free fliers but a handfull of us motor heads. All the lectures apply to all etc. You might find alot of PPGers belong to paragliding and hang gliding groups

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