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New boy!!

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Hi all!!!

Have just come across site................very interesting!

Just had a couple of 15 minute flights (training with Paul Haxby).................................petrified..........but want more :twisted::twisted:

Ordered kit, waiting for it to arrive and just itching to go........plenty of nappies packed!!!

Thought I'd introduce myself.

See ya!!


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Its a long way to go from Kent........................especially when th econditions are not right!!

A local farmer flies nearby so will have a go with him. Just need to sharpen up my ground handling..............August was the last time I handled a wing so need to keep at it!

JUst like a lot of us I presume, work, kids, horse, dog...................................etc, etc!!m Oh and wife!!!!!

It will be handy to have the wing I can then pop out as and when!!

Cant wait to get my machine!!!!

Got a Paramania Revolution and a Pap 1400 Ros125.

Hope to meet you guys sometime !!!!


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From my first stumbling steps in the sport I found that progress quickens when you get your wing. Kiting that wing on your own at every opportunity is huge fun, it instills confidence and you grow a relationship with a vital part of your arial anatomy which again, is really rewarding. Make sure you have a grasp of the fundamentals and know how to 'kill' the wing if things get a little out of hand then practice, practice, practice. The payback for this effort when you have your motor on your back and are about to take to the air is considerable.

So, get your wing, find an open space and a wind of not more than about 10 mph and get that rip-stop nylon full of air and over your head.

Have fun, that's what it is all about. Congratulations by the way.

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Hi Mike & welcome.

Definately get the wing asap as endless kiting practice is v important, also watch your fingers (although I'm sure you are passed this stage) when playing with the new engine in your garage, apparently thats when most items (limbs, chilldren, pets etc) get sucked through the prop :shock: so adopt a safe starting position with your shoulder into the machine to take the full strain of accidental full throttle, thumb over the kill switch and check that the throttle butterfly is not stuck open.

Have fun, santa has come early :P

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