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Audi a3 + BakRak + Parajet Macro = Not quite right!!!

Does this look safe ?  

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  1. 1. Does this look safe ?

    • Yes
    • No!
    • Your going to be the rozzers best friend with that on your car!

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Looks like the Audi Skycar. LOL

As long as it does not extend past the sides of the car and is secure, not covering number plate or lights, its legal.

But I agree, it looks silly / wrongness.


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Hi tom.

As long as the motor is suitably restrained and your number plate is showing and properly lit, It looks fine for the task.

So excluding the feds stopping you every 5 miles, for a routine check with accompanying 14 day document producers (just cos they wanted to know what it is.) You should be fine :D:D

I would even be tempted to remove the drive belt and fit the prop for added effect :D

Colin B

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Does the number plate have to be lit? you can see the lights through the cage so possibly don't need a light board?? (have no tow electrics)

Need to get a bit of ply for the base and weld an upright to strap the motor to...... or just keep taking it to bit's and putting it in the back of the car!

There may be a Bak Rak in the clasifieds soon :roll::shock:

Tom :coptor:

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