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First attempt with GoPro Wide

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No, the camera's are not HD. They are bringing out an HD version soon. But it'll be quite a bit more expensive. Had I not got a v cheap price I think I would have shopped around for a normal HD camcorder and bought a wide lens for it. I'm not blown away by the quality of these but its pretty small + convenient.

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I use a Panisonic DMC-TZ7 thats quite good for video and not too expensive.

Here is a vid I took in Spain it's quite a boring vid but only uploaded it to see what the quality is like,and I have yet to figure out how to edit video :(:(

It's so jumpy because I used velcro to fix it to the top of the reserve... Bad idea if you want still video :!:


Tom :coptor:

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A couple of brightness issues. Not going to win any oscars but a good days flying!

Great first attempt though. But was always going to be a challenge from that viewpoint with a bright sky as background.

As with any camera, practice makes perfect, and probably just needs you to play around taking clips from other viewpoints and angles.

Anyway do please keep sharing your adventures on video, as provides inspiration for us newbies - still firmly rooted to the ground ! :mrgreen:


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