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5th November Fireworks and Fly-in / beer / party night.


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all, fantastic evening.

All came together when we decided to light the bonfire, little twigs from Simons car, then a few trees with the help from Eddie and Colin then Bill and Sally turned up with some tree trunks and poles and as the fire finally took hold Pete B arrived with a trailer full of wood. Guy Fawkes would have been proud, the size of it. We all had to stand back a few yards with the heat that was given off.

Then Richard P decided we were all hungry and popped off, returning with sausages,pie and chips for everyone, cheers Richard.

Then Eddie went off to return with drinks for the group.

Although a couple were set off earlier, Simon held fast until 1930 when sparklers were shared amongst everyone with help from Patti then the first of the firework display was lit. A great build up until the finale when a large biscuit tin size firework was lit which went on for a fair time.

It went on till late in the evening and apart from soft sheep sxxt around and on every ones feet we all had a great time.

Thanks again to





Bill and Sally

and every one that turned up.

Lets hope we fly soon


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