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PMC Flying 'Oxfordshire'


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We have found the ultimate place for our annual summer fly-in. Location details soon.

The good things about the site are:

camping + real beds if required

remote location

outside airspace

4 miles NE of oxford nearest village waterperry

Haunted !!

Beer yes real beer !! vodka, Bar essentially

lovely organic food

Lovely warm welcoming attitude

space to takeoff land etc

We have some great ideas to make this fly-in a little more interesting for the people who want to do some flying.

Detailed info soon.


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More likely to be at the end of April or early May.

That way we can have another one at the end of the warm season.

Don't forget that if your a full member the entry will be free!

I should have a date in the next day or two.


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The dates I have pencelled in are, 15th - 16th - 17th of May. :D

This gives us enough time to have one in the middle of the summer in Cornwall or something, and one at the end, up tut North. :D

As soon as I have done a full site assesment on the field, I will publish the location (which sounds 'and looks' stunning!)

"Coffee and English Bfast, delivered to your tent in the morning sir?"


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The cost is TBC, I am going to the venue within the next 5 days. I will talk to them about this at that time.

I would expect it to be around £00 for paid members and £15 for non paid. and the normal £5 camping or £?? for a bed.

This is a great venue, we can fit many shed loads of people in to it. So please, come and join us for the weekend.


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think i may make the effort and come down for that

sounds like fun and would be nice to put faces to names

also be good to fly over some different countryside for a change

SW- when is it likely to be, june, july, august..?

i wonder if i can talk any of the other cheshire set into making the journey

how about it guys....??

i can empty the van and fit 3 of us in with motors

could get more motors in but only got 3 seats but we could convoy with a car

its 145 mile and will take about 2.5 hours

I'll be up for it Meds. I'll probably take my Sprinter. Got my double bed in it at the moment, so no need for a tent! :lol: Therefore I can take 2 motors with me if needs be.

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I take it ,it has nothing to do with this Event.

Any chance of juggling the dates? (the more flyins we all have a chance of going to, the better) :D


Competition Practice in Wantage, Oxfordshire, 16-17 May


For pilots interested in competition to fly together and share knowledge, with a view to improve their skills, five weeks before the Nationals. A similar very successful event took place last year in Norfolk.


It is organised by Michel Carnet and Mike Chilvers, with some help from other members of the 2008 British Team in Poland.

Open to all pilots who wish to improve on their own competition skills.

It is also an opportunity for pilots who aspire to fly in the British Team to demonstrate their proficiency and gain a place on the British Squad, to receive further intense competition training prior to the final selection for the Worlds in the Czech Republic in August.

This is also a schedule practice weekend for the British Squad, so you can expect to see some of the best pilots in action.


The emphasis is to be on basic flying skills that are essential for competition flying: Successful launch rate, accuracy landing, full use of glider's speed range, precise low flying, highly bank turns etc..

There will be many slalom sticks to kick, such as shown here:

http://www.couriersystems.co.uk/Frances ... es/01.html

When not flyable, there will be some lectures about navigation, task understanding and preparation, tactics and equipment optimisation.

The hang frame complete with risers and speed system will be there to help pilot set their speed bar geometry.

The minimum equipment to bring is a wing, a paramotor and a helmet. It is also advised to bring a reserve parachute (mandatory in UK Nationals), a working speed bar, a map holder, a GPS (to log data and to perform groundspeed measurements), a variometer/altimeter, a stopwatch, pen and paper, a ground handling harness as well as enough fuel, food and water to last a whole day of relentless aviating.


The meeting point is at Clive Bunce's site (www.Ufly2.co.uk) at East Challow, a few kilometres NW of Wantage.

From Wantage take the A417 then 1.5 miles after East Challow, the site is just passed Hill Farm on the right.


Lat long: N51° 36' 34" E001° 28' 43"

OS ref: SU362902

Postcode: OX12 9PD

The site is on the edge of two OS Landranger 1:50,000 maps: #164 (Oxford, Chipping Norton & Bicester) and #174 (Newbury, Wantage, Hungerford & Didcot).

It is not mandatory to bring such maps and we are planning to print local maps with no-fly zones etc..

Camping is allowed on site.


Pilots are welcomed to arrive Friday afternoon for flying until dusk.

First briefing is at 10am Saturday morning and free flying is allowed from dawn.

It is hoped to fly all day Saturday and most of Sunday.


Clive Bunce is organising some facilities such as on-site loos and there will be a small fee to pay to cover the costs, to be advised later.

The farm produces its own meat and a steak & chips meal is on offer on Saturday night as well as a full English breakfast on Sunday morning.

See you all there.

Michel Carnet 07802 737794 michel.carnet @ gmail. com

Mike Chilvers 07785 544378 mikechilvers @ gmail.com

Clive Bunce 07736 553834 clive @ ufly2.co.uk

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I noticed that this popped up two days after I posted our date, gotta laugh (what are the odds of that?)

I can change with ease to keep things simple. :D

I am off the see the owners of the venue in a few days, I will talk to them and a few people that I want to make sure can make the doo and re confirm dates.

No point in having two doos on the same day that's just silly. ;-)

Had a couple of great flights just before sunset.

I love this flying thing!!!!


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I am spinning up there on Wednesday mate, I will be coming back with the dates.

We are likely to hold it at the start of June though to avoid clashing with the comp practice event.


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