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to fly or not to fly without insurance?


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Hi guys,

This conversation may have already been had... However i am a bit new to the site and searched the subject matter and couldn't really find anything.

Right... So...


Do people really need 3rd party liability insurance to fly? I was speaking to someone today.. they told me "you 100% need insurance". But do i really if im not flying over people or buildings and on farm land.... 


I was told that "if for example, you fly over horses and you spook the horse... the horse goes crazy and the person drops and ends up in hospital that you will be liable". "or a farmers pregnant sheep, loses the baby lamb in the womb" that the farmer can sue me.


How true are these comments? Have people all been winging it while flying without insurance and taking risks? 


would love to hear the communities thoughts!


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No, you legally dont need it.

Would I personally fly without it? No chance.

All the reasons you mention. Crop damage. Power line damage. Mid air collision, hitting a car on landing.

No matter how slim a chance, if the worst happens you could lose everything you own. 

Even defending yourself in court could bankrupt you.

I'm sure other people disagree with me, but that's the world we live in. 

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I'd imagine the dan burton/sacha dench crash will if you want one example. 

Probably others where people hit cars, vans, property etc but I doubt you would hear about them. 

I've seen plenty of clips of mid air collisions on YouTube, particularly paragliders. I'm sure they could end up in a claim.

I'm the first to accept it's a rare scenario,  but that's not the point. 

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On 06/02/2022 at 08:31, Hann__ said:

Has anyone ever heard of a claim being made against a paramotorist that required an insurance settlement?

I personally know one and the BHPA was excellent (not a member myself), but I know they was very good.

Never heard of an AXA settlement to be honest?

(maybe we are all better pilots :-) )

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