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How to Navigate - a pdf


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I have been fiddling with this PDF (3.18MB) for a while now and have decided to push it out. It might help focus your mind on the mechanics of practical navigation and give you a system to use in the air if you don't already have one. Let me know how you get on with it, if you find any errors and particularly how you find the explanations and the methods.

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What a brilliant document!! Thanks for sharing it with us.

That must have taken you ages and tons of hard work to put together. It's pitched just right to make a confusing subject understandable.

Have you considered getting it published? It is a very polished product and so many people, including but far wider than the paramotoring community would find it valuable.

Thanks again,


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Gents, thanks for the comments, I had it tucked away for a while but dug it out and polished it a bit for T2T.

If there is anything that is obscure/needs to be clearer, let me know please.

Simon - of course you can, I will leave it where it is and amend it as I make changes to it, just link to it.


As for publication; flattered you think it suitable. After a little development you may see it appear in another form... :roll::wink:

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Thanks for the kind words folks, I have just issued Version 2 of the pdf, there are a number of textual changes and refinements. Multi-talented Mark (Dragonphotographic) made some of the images and they are properly credited in this version.

Use the same link at the start of the thread to take down the new version.


An Apple word processor called 'Pages'. Mac's do this sort of thing really well. :wink:

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